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VIDEO: Lady Gaga gives One Direction a pep talk

One Direction was booed when they won the award for Best Song of the Summer at the MTV Video Music Awards last night — but Lady Gaga was not having it.

Lady Gaga has reached hero status with One Direction fans with one simple act: defending the group against haters at the MTV Video Music Awards last night.

It wasn’t an easy evening for the boy band. First Harry Styles was roundly dissed by Taylor Swift when she all but named him as the inspiration for her song “I Knew You Were Trouble” after she had already rolled her eyes with what looked like a “STFU” to her seat partner and BFF Selena Gomez when he appeared onstage earlier. Then they were upstaged by the *NSYNC reunion. And finally, although they earned a (some would say surprising) win for Best Song of the Summer with “Best Song Ever” they were booed by members of the live audience when accepting the award.

Rough crowd, but they had at least one ally in it: Lady Gaga.

When the “Applause” singer, who began her own performance at the VMAs with a track of recorded booing, heard the haters she angrily left her seat to join the boys of 1D backstage and give them a little pep talk.

“If I did hear what I heard out there, I just want to tell you that you deserve every bit of success that you have, and don’t you dare let those people boo you,” Gaga told One Direction on the MTV thank you cam. “I put that booing in my own show because I wanted to make a comment about that. I want to leave right now — I don’t even want to stay anymore because I don’t want to be in a room where people are going to be like that. You deserve a lot.”

Watch Lady Gaga defend One Direction

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Tell us: Did One Direction deserve to be booed or is Lady Gaga right?

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