Aziz Ansari to write book about modern dating

Aug 23, 2013 at 1:43 p.m. ET

Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari has signed a deal to write about book about the oddities of modern courtship.

Aziz Ansari

Are you single? Or are you not single but still curious about how people these days deal with dating in the age of social media? Then there's a new book coming out that might be of interest to you.

According to a tweet posted by Publishers Weekly, comedian Aziz Ansari has just signed a deal to pen a book about the challenges for singles in the contemporary dating scene. reports that the Parks and Recreation star will receive $3.5 million for the work, which will focus on the way technology and social media have changed the dating game.

The idea that social media has had an effect on the way people date is a theme the comedian has been playing with in some of his recent standup performances. Ansari has apparently asked people from the audience to turn over their phones so that he could see text conversations between them and the people they're courting.

Ansari talked about the phenomenon in the press release from Penguin for the book.

"You know when you text someone you're romantically interested in and you don't hear anything back and then you see them post a photo of a pizza on Instagram? That's exactly what I want this book to deal with," Ansari said in the press release.

Anyone who has attempted dating in the past few years is sure to understand the oddities of dating in the modern age, which is what Ansari will address in the book.

"These are strange conundrums that no generation has ever faced before and it's a fascinating jumping-off point for what I hope will be a very interesting book about modern courtship."

Between his standup routines and videos about texting girls, Ansari has made himself into a bit of a singles guru. People on even voted for him as one of the TV stars they'd like to see on The Bachelor one day.

There's been no official word on when the book will be released, but it sounds like something all single people will want to pick up.

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