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Zayn Malik engaged: Celebs who married super young

Recent news of One Direction hottie Zayn Malik being officially off the market (after becoming engaged to Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards) has many asking if Malik, at 20 years old, is too young? Is it weird to get married when you can’t legally drink at the reception? Here are other celebs who married young, and the fate of those marriages.

Taylor Hanson

Taylor Hanson
Remember the young, heartthrob brothers who made up the group Hanson? Middle brother Taylor Hanson married Natalie Bryant when he was 19. Taylor is now 30, still married and has five kids! He told Metro “I was 19 when I became a dad. It was an amazing thing. I don’t compare myself to people my own age because I’ve always worked with older people. I’d done so many things by the age of 19 I was in a different place to other people my age.” This young couple are still going strong.
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On the other end of the wholesome spectrum is Courtney Stodden, who married 51-year-old Doug Hutchison when she was 16. Can we get an ewww? Flaunting her recently surgically enhanced figure, the now 18-year-old spoke at a gathering for She revealed, “I’m 18 and Doug’s 53, and I want to make love more regularly than he does, and that’s why we are taking this course together.” Double ewww. Mismatched sex drives aside, these two are still together.
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
Before Kim Kardashian became Kanye West‘s baby mama, and Kris Humphries’ ex-wife, she married Damon Thomas when she was 20. Thomas, a music producer, spilled his guts to In Touch magazine saying that Kim was “a fame-whore,” a cheater and had a boob job and liposuction on his nickel. Ouch. They were married for four years, which is 1,388 days longer than her marriage to Humphries.

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Olivia Wilde married Italian prince Tao Ruspoli on a bus in 2003 when she was 18. The marriage lasted eight years, with Wilde filing for divorce in 2011. Now, the actress is planning her wedding to SNL alum and We’re the Millers star Jason Sudeikis. The two worked together on the set of Drinking Buddies and got engaged last January.
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Before LeAnn Rimes was Brandi Glanville‘s arch Twitter nemesis, she was married to backup dancer Dean Sheremet. Rimes walked down the aisle when she was just 19 years old. In her tell-all tale, Drinking and Tweeting, Glanville recalls a double date with Rimes and Sheremet where Rimes openly flirted with Glanville’s then-husband Eddie Cibrian, who as we all know is now married to Rimes.
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This week, Drew Barrymore talked about her plans for a second baby with artist hubby Will Kopelman, but when she was 19 years old, she married Los Angeles bar owner Jeremy Thomas. In an alley off Hollywood Boulevard, Barrymore told her boyfriend of six weeks that she wanted to pledge her life to him, and when Thomas said, “When?” she said, “Now.” They married a couple hours later in Thomas’ bar. Shockingly, the union only lasted two weeks.
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