Wacky Wednesday! Cher hair and John Legend naked

Aug 21, 2013 at 10:28 a.m. ET

We love us some Wednesday, don't we? And the only thing that could make our Wednesday a bit more cheerful is the release of Cher's new video, the release of Richard Simmons' new music video (huh?) and John Legend naked. Let's get this hump day party started…

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons

And now from our "Just Why?" file (which you should know has several entries a week) comes a video from Richard Simmons. Why is Simmons making a music video? Why is it about hair? Why is Simmons telling us we need a new hairdo? (Dude! Do you own a mirror? You've been rocking that same bird's-nest-on-roids since we can remember.) Why, despite the fact that it defies all logic, is this video making our whole freaking Wednesday a little better? See for yourself.

Photo credit: Ryan/WENN.com

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Cher hair

Excuse us while we drop to our knees to worship the almighty and unstoppable Cher. Lord, we love that woman. Finally, we get to watch her "Woman's World" video. Unlike other aging pop princesses (Madonna), Cher doesn't wear dominatrix lingerie and show us her scary old-lady bulging biceps (Madonna). But our beautiful goddess does sport some fabulously f'ed up hair. Who looks at the garbage can under the paper shredder and sees an awesome wig? Cher. Who puts zebra stripes in a platinum wig? Cher. Who puts mentally challenged and dancing chubsters in her video? Cher. Move over Robin Thicke. You have been measured, you have been weighed, and you have been found lacking (you're welcome, A Knight's Tale fans).

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John Legend

The only thing we love more than humor is combining humor and sex. Who hasn't watched Seinfeld while getting busy and asked the other person if he or she could move just a bit to the left so you could see the TV better? The folks at Funny or Die know what the public wants and they deliver with this hilarious "documentary" of John Legend's daily routine, all conducted in the nude. We ask you — is there any better way to get your Wednesday going than giggling while watching a naked hot guy take a shower, repeatedly? Wednesday made.

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