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Prince mocks himself in cover art for “Breakfast Can Wait

With the release of the cover art and a snippet of his new song “Breakfast Can Wait,” Prince proves that even at 55, he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.


Proving that he is a good sport, almost 10 years after a sketch on Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show poked fun at The Purple One, Prince released the cover art to his latest single, “Breakfast Can Wait.”

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No. that’s not Prince holding a plate of pancakes. That’s comedian Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince holding a plate of pancakes.

If you’re not familiar with this image, let me take you back.

On a 2004 episode of Chappelle’s Show, cast member Charlie Murphy (aka Eddie’s older brother) told the allegedly true story about a surreal night when he was out with Eddie at a club and Prince walked in.

And the night just gets stranger from there.

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If you’ve never seen it, or would like to watch it again (and again and again like I have been doing), here’s the “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories: Prince” sketch. While most of the NSFW language has been bleeped, you still may want to watch this with headphones due to the language.

It’s such a famous and loved sketch that pop culture bloggers and websites have been going wild ever sense Prince tweeted this:

The lyric video is a “Sign o’ the Times” >>

Along with the album art, Prince also released a 45-second snippet of the sexy new track which is available now at

Take a listen to Prince’s new track “Breakfast Can Wait” and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Photo credit: Prince 3rdeyegirl Twitter/@3rdeyegirl

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