5 Things the Impala could do in Supernatural Season 9

Come to life? Host another hot sex scene? Check out some speculations about what the Imapala (aka “Baby”) could do in Supernatural Season 9.

5 Things the Impala could do in Supernatural Season 9

While summer isn’t quite over yet, fans of Supernatural are still eagerly looking forward to the cooler days of fall. Specifically, they are looking toward to Tuesday, Oct. 8 — the date that Supernatural Season 9 premieres on The CW.

So far this summer, we at SheKnows have taken a look ahead to the upcoming ninth season of Supernatural and speculated on what some of the characters might do, now it’s time for Baby to have her turn. Dean’s extra-special girl — aka the 1967 Impala that was a present to him from his father — has always been the boys’ number one home, but what else could she get up to this season?

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Host another hot sex scene

It doesn’t matter who you are or if you liked Anna or not, there is just no denying the fact that Dean (Jensen Ackles) having sex with an angel in the back of his car was H-O-T. Who’s to say how many times Dean (or heck, even Sam) has gotten busy in Baby’s backseat, but so far it’s only been seen on the show once. So it’s possible that it might be time for it to happen again. Maybe this time Castiel (Misha Collins) will be the one getting some backseat action.

Get in a race

It wasn’t the best episode ever, but “Route 666” from the show’s first season did have one awesome scene in it. Dean and his Baby raced a deadly ghost truck onto the hallowed ground of a cemetery and nearly missed becoming the truck’s next victims. While Baby has had her share of speedy scenes, it’s about time Baby got the chance to truly race again.

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Be the location of another heart-to-heartSupernatural - the Impala (aka Baby)

OK, so this one is probably a given. There’s no doubt that the Impala has been the host of many a heart-to-heart between the brothers. It seems like everything time the Winchesters have something really important to say to each other, they pull over to the side of the road, crack open a beer and discuss it while leaning on Baby’s hood. Hopefully, there will be many more of these scenes to come and maybe fans will even see Castiel get his chance to be involved in one.

Come to life

Baby sort of came to life when Sam (Jared Padalecki) was transported into her and she became his body. She was also controlled by a ghost once. But what if some spell or alternate universe or whatever actually brought her to life. Dean has talked to her a lot, how cool would it be if she talked back someday? But this time how fun would it be if she came to life — not as another character — but as herself. What would she sound like? We’re picturing a sexy, sultry deep woman’s voice.

Get in a wreck

Now, before you get upset at the mere suggestion that the Imapala could end up getting harmed, it’s important to remember that it’s not something completely out of the question for her. It’s a sad fact to say that Baby has been in more than her fair share of accidents over the seasons so it would only make sense to speculate that it could happen to her again. If it does, we just hope Dean can put her together again as quickly as possible.

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What do you think might happen to the Impala in Supernatural Season 9?

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