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Details about Gia Allemand’s suicide emerge

The tragic end to Gia Allemand’s life got even sadder as new details emerged about her last day.


On Tuesday, details surrounding Gia Allemand’s suicide emerged revealing her tragic end. TMZ broke the news that The Bachelor star and her boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson, fought before she took her own life.

The couple reportedly had an argument where the 29-year-old accused Anderson of being unfaithful. During the conversation, Allemand admitted that she still loved her boyfriend despite his supposed infidelity.

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That’s when he revealed his true feelings.

According to a TMZ source, the athlete told her, “I don’t love you anymore.”

The reality star hanged herself with a vacuum cleaner cord using her spiral staircase and a handrail on the second floor. The police documents state that she was on the phone with her mother when the entire event happened.

Allemand “had gone silent” during the phone call while her mother did her best to get her daughter back on the phone for close to 10 minutes.

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The New Orleans Pelicans player went back to the house to check on his girlfriend only to discover the TV personality on the stairs with a cord “wrapped around her neck many times.” The report said that Allemand was without oxygen for 30-40 minutes. He was the one who placed the 911 call to emergency services.

There was a suicide note left on the dining room table and all property was left to her mother.

Friends in New Orleans staged an informal memorial over the weekend, but official services will be held on Thursday, Aug. 22 in Manhattan.

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