INTERVIEW: 6 Things you didn't know about You're Next star Sharni Vinson

Aug 22, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Sharni Vinson stars in the new horror flick You’re Next, but you may be asking yourself, who’s Sharni Vinson? SheKnows gets friendly with this triple-threat from down under to find out her thoughts on men in Los Angeles, her dream co-star and her Spice Girl-inspired technique for killing crawlies.

Sharni Vinson


Two suitcases and a surfboard

It's not much, but that's all Vinson brought to Los Angeles when she moved here from her native Australia. This sporty gal says she doesn't need a lot of stuff weighing her down. As a youngster, she not only studied the performing arts, but engaged in a very active lifestyle that included getting up at 5 a.m. to swim for an hour-and-a-half, dance classes after school and riding horses. About her youth, Vinson says, “It was perfect. I can’t sit still for too long!”

You're Next's Sharni Vinson


She compares being an actress to living in Las Vegas

“It’s such a gamble and there’s no guarantees you’re going to win,” she told us. Luckily, she comes from three generations of performers and her family proved to be a huge support system, adding, "I was never told I couldn't get a new pair of dance shoes... there's nothing my family wouldn't do for me."


Says guys in Los Angeles have an “old school mentality”

Vinson is impressed by the men in Los Angeles, who she says are “eager to communicate”, not to mention being very capable of taking care of a woman. “They aren’t afraid to do things a woman needs, like opening a door for her or pulling out her seat at dinner. I don’t know any man who’s ever done that for a woman in Australia!” Sorry, Aussie ladies.


Admires Ben Affleck as "the director of our time”

If Vinson could share the screen with any Hollywood hunk, she says it would be Ben Affleck all the way — but not just for his romantic appeal, she thinks he’s a "genius" and is really making a mark as a director.

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Sharni's dream role is an action heroine with a backbone

Given her super-physical childhood and horseback riding expertise, she'd love to do a crazy action-Western that’s a period piece, saying “I grew up on horses. Put me on a horse, give me a gun and let’s roll.” She’s also strangely hooked on mermaids. We can totally see Vinson starring in a remake of the 1984 Darryl Hannah mermaid tale, Splash.


The only good spiders are dead spiders

While her character Erin in You’re Next has to face a killer, the actress admits that in real life, she’s most fearful of spiders. We can relate, girl! Apparently Australia is home to some super-scary crawlies including tarantulas and huntsman spiders that are known for their speed and agility. She even says she once woke up with a giant spider on her face! So how does she deal with arachnids in Los Angeles? “If I see a spider in my house, I get one of my massive Spice Girl platform shoes and take that spider down.” We like your style, Sharni.

You’re Next hits theaters Friday, Aug. 23.

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