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INTERVIEW: The Mortal Instruments cast spills movie secrets

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is a supernatural thriller with a hint of romance. The cast, led by the beautiful Lily Collins, tells SheKnows all about their behind-the-scenes magic.

The wait is over. Fans of The Mortal Instruments book series can finally watch it on the big screen. The first entry titled, City of Bones, hits theaters today and stars Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers and many more.

SheKnows recently spoke to the cast about what may surprise fans about the movie. Zegers believes you’ll be shocked by its humor. “It’s very funny,” he said, “And the fighting, I think, is incredibly well-executed.”

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You’ll also be surprised to know how connected they were to their characters. Collins revealed, “We got so into our world as the actors but also as the characters. So many of Jamie’s great lines are improvised… I think we all really gave so much in the scenes. We all worked off of each other.”

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Plus, there were no divas on set. The cast really cared about the film and wanted to do a good job. “With this, everyone was going in and trying to do it for the good of the production and for the good of each other,” explained Campbell Bower. “We all pushed each other to do something that I actually genuinely don’t think any of us knew that we had in us.

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So what part of The Mortal Instruments should fans be the most excited about? The ending, according to co-star Jared Harris, which is a lot different than the book.

“A lot of the events that happened at the end of the book — they happen over a longer period of time [in the film] — and they all get telescoped into the one location here. But again, that’s because it would have been a three-hour movie if you tried to tell all the events that were in the books.”

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones opens in theaters Aug. 21.

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