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The Originals preview: It’s all about Elijah

The CW was having a tricky time with The Originals‘ pilot. How do you reel in viewers when the episode’s already aired? It seems like they’ve found their answer.
It’s a bit of a dilemma. The CW gave us a teaser of the spinoff show The Originals by airing the pilot episode during last season’s The Vampire Diaries. Viewers were ecstatic to get their Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah fix in a New Orleans setting. It definitely got the buzz started, but it also presented a challenge: Do they just re-air the same episode as the show’s premiere in the fall? That’s kinda boring. But producers have to find some way to give viewers, who aren’t already familiar with the characters, a fresh look at the premise.

It seems The CW has found their answer. They’ll be giving us a new perspective for the fall premiere of The Originals. Since the pilot as seen on The Vampire Diaries was told from Klaus’ point of view, The Originals will air with the same storyline from another’s eyes: Elijah.

Clever idea.

The brother has been a recurring character throughout The Vampire Diaries and will continue into The Originals as the dutiful uncle, it appears. He may really value his family, but don’t think he’s soft. Elijah (played by Daniel Gillies, who knows a thing or two about sex scenes) doesn’t mind stabbing hearts and slitting throats if you get in his way.

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The Originals will follow Klaus’ character as he navigates the New Orleans vampire scene and deals with an unexpected bundle of joy. All of our favorite original vampires will be central to the cast along with some other colorful characters like Marcel, who runs the New Orleans vampire scene, and Hayley, a werewolf who is pregnant with Klaus’ child.

Don’t count out any relationships either, especially the one that was blooming during last season of The Vampire Diaries between Caroline and Klaus. Show executive producer Julie Plec said that we may see some crossover between characters.

The Originals will premiere Thursday, Oct. 3 on The CW.

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