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Man found dead at Olivia Newton-John’s home

Olivia Newton-John and her husband have found themselves in an unpleasant situation, following the grisly discovery of a dead man in their South Florida home.

Unfortunately for Olivia Newton-John and her husband, they have found themselves caught up in a very gruesome discovery at their South Florida home on Monday.

The discovery in question is that of an as-yet-unidentified male, who was found dead from a gunshot wound at the singer’s premises.

Police found the dead body of the male victim inside the Jupiter, Florida, home shortly after noon, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Jupiter police Sergeant Scott Pascarella has confirmed that the victim was a 42-year-old man who did not live at the home and was not related to its residents.

Sergeant Pascarella said the victim had permission to be at the home, but was not staying there. Wonder who he could be?

However, there does not appear to be foul play on the part of Newton-John or her husband — old herb company founder John Easterling — as they were both out of town during the incident.

According to the Palm Beach Post, contractors had been working on the house and one of the contractors was seen crying following the grisly discovery of the man’s body.

While it is believed the man had committed suicide, the police are still investigating the case and no new details have yet been released.

Tragedies seem to plague the Grease singer and actress and this is only the latest misfortune to unfold. Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, and earlier this year her sister sadly died of brain cancer. In 1995, her then-boyfriend Patrick McDermott seemingly vanished without a trace during a fishing trip.

It is rumored that Newton-John and her husband had been planning to sell the 7,429-square-foot home and according to Gossip Extra, Rosie O’Donnell was reported to be purchasing the property. We’re not sure if the property will be on the market any time soon though, following this sad event.

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