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Liam Payne confirms he has a new girlfriend

Love is in the air for One Direction heartthrob Liam Payne, who has confirmed that he is dating his childhood sweetheart.

It is most likely a sad day for One Direction fans who were hoping to make Liam Payne their boyfriend! Sorry girls, he’s off the market!

So who is the 1D hottie dating? Payne has confirmed he is dating his childhood friend Sophia Smith. Aww, it’s always romantic when celebrities date their childhood sweethearts, right?

Payne split from dancer Danielle Peazer in May, who he dated on and off for about three years, and was reportedly linked to Leona Lewis after his breakup with Peazer. He has now recently started a relationship with Sophia Smith, who he has known since they both attended St. Peter’s Collegiate in Wolverhampton.

The news was confirmed during a press conference for the promotion of the band’s new movie This Is Us.

The One Direction heartthrob was asked, “You’ve got a girlfriend?” to which he replied, “Yep it’s new.”

Yahoo! omg! later questioned Payne further, asking him, “What’s this about you having a new girlfriend?” The 19-year-old singer happily pointed out his sweetheart, saying: “Yes, yes I do. She’s sitting right over there. It’s not been long.”

While the relationship may not have been official for a long time, that doesn’t mean Smith and Payne are not very serious about each other — although according to Yahoo! omg!, Smith turned Payne down 22 times!

It has been revealed that the pair are smitten with each other. Payne flew his brunette beauty out to Los Angeles to join him earlier this month, when One Direction played four nights in the city. It appears he has found someone with whom he can share his big heart!

A source revealed to the Sunday Mirror, “Liam has really fallen for her. It’s getting very serious, very fast.”

“She’s a sweet normal girl who likes Liam for who he is, not because he’s in the most famous boy band in the world.”

Are you disappointed by this news? Because some One Direction fans appear to be very disappointed! In fact, so disappointed that they have taken to Smith’s Twitter account to leave her some seriously nasty messages, including one tweet that says, “Back off you ****.”

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