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VIDEOS: Learn how to dance like Chris Brown

Say what you will about VMAs nominee Chris Brown’s personal life, but you’ve got to admit R&B’s resident bad boy has got some major dancing mojo. Want to break it down like Breezy? Study these signature moves.

The Running Man

Chris Brown breaks out this dance move in nearly every video, but — at the risk of being obvious — we chose his single “Run It” to highlight what we’ve dubbed “The Running Man” move. Sound self-explanatory? That’s because it is. Just point your body in any direction and simulate a running motion by moving your arms and legs in tandem. Easy peasy, right? Or should we say easy Breezy?

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The Pelvic Thrust & Roll

Admittedly, ladies, this move probably isn’t for you — you lack the hardware to truly make it effective. The key here, fellas, is to thrust your hips forward and then gyrate them in an over-exaggerated, slow-motion manner. To really drive home the point, alternate pumping your fists near your head and dropping them to grab your, ahem, inseam.

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The Vogue

Breezy does some variation of this every time he dances, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include the move — which, for lack of a better term, we’ve dubbed “the Vogue.” C’mon… you can’t tell us it doesn’t vaguely bring to mind the episode on each season of America’s Next Top Model when Tyra Banks brings in the original vogue-er, Benny Ninja. Either way, it’s probably a good idea to watch clips of both guys if you want to perfect the hand flair you’ll need to bring to the dance floor for this move. Our advice? Start with a simple face framing hand motion and go from there to create a sequence that is totally your own.

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The Figure Skater

Have you ever tried spinning in place without falling down? It’s really hard, which is why most people leave it to those among us who are freakishly balanced. Like, for instance, figure skaters. This classic Chris Brown move — securing his hat, followed by a spin of epic proportions — speaks to the star’s unnaturally keen sense of coordination. While this move is pretty straightforward, don’t expect to nail it right away. Repetition is key! Find an empty room with a soft floor and start turning like a top, baby. Extra points if you can pull off the ol’ Michael Jackson one-arm-up-one-hand-on-crotch-while-shouting-“hee-hee” at the end.

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