10 Music Videos that may be too racy for your teen

Aug 24, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Some of these videos may be nominated for MTV VMA's, but that doesn't mean they're appropriate for your kids.

MTV VMA racy video - Rihanna

The 2013 MTV Video Music Award show is less than a week away and with so many videos up for nominations this year, it might be tempting to just let your teens watch any of them. After all, if a video is being honored with an award nomination, surely that must mean that it stands up to certain standards, right? Don't be so sure.

Here are 10 of 2013's most racy music videos, many of which appear on the MTV VMA nominations list.


Rihanna — "Stay"

(Nominated for Best Female Video)

Rihanna sitting in a bathtub singing a song probably wouldn't have been too racy if she'd just settled herself into a pile of bubbles and stayed there. But combine the fact that the water is crystal clear and that there are gratuitous close-ups of her various body parts (butt, belly button, etc), and you've got yourself a pretty naughty video.



Miley Cyrus — "We Can't Stop"

(Nominated for Best Female Video)

It would almost be a relief to say that this video featured Miley Cyrus just writhing around on a bed in very little clothing. Instead, what makes this video hard to watch is its disturbing imagery. Things like a skull made out of french fries, a person with multiple tongues and spanking... lots of spanking.


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Pink featuring Nate Ruess — "Just Give Me a Reason"

(Nominated Best Female Video)

The ladies in the Best Female Video are really racking up the racy videos. Next up is Pink and her video that starts out sweet and innocent, but turns out to be anything but. Don't let the sweet little white dress with the ruffles, or the teddy bear, fool you. Once you've seen the sex scene, you've seen enough.



Robin Thicke — "Blurred Lines"

(Nominated for Best Male Video)

Discounting the possibly controversial lyrics (depending on whose opinion you listen to), and even discounting the unrated version of this video, you're still left with a very racy video. The ladies in this video may be wearing a little more clothing than in the unrated version, but some of the clothing is clear plastic — that doesn't exactly count, does it?


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Ciara — "Body Party"

(Nominated for Best Choreography)

It's interesting that this video was nominated for best choreography, considering how much of it consists of a striptease. There there is other dancing in the video as well, though most of it is still of the bumping and grinding variety.



Drake — "Started From the Bottom"

(Nominated for Best Hip-hop Video)

The imagery in this video isn't too bad — if you don't count the part where a man blatantly addresses a woman's breasts while asking her out on a date — but the language alone is enough to put this one on the list.



Foals — "Late Night"

When you venture on to Youtube to watch this video, the first thing you see is a parental advisory warning of explicit content. The warning doesn't come lightly as this video features scenes revolving around a couple having sex, a man hanging himself and a woman giving birth.



Nicki Minaj & Lil' Wayne — "High School"

Most of this video is fairly tame when it comes to music videos. Sure, there's a little bit of suggestive dancing in a bathing suit, but nothing to write home about. But, about halfway through, that all changes when Minaj and Lil' Wayne get busy in the bedroom. Even with the fluttering curtains, there still isn't a whole lot left to the imagination.



Justin Timberlake — "Tunnel Vision"

This is another video that comes up with a warning —  in fact this one was banned by MTV. Considering what the music channel is willing to show on their network, that's a strong indication that this video is not for teens. Featuring a naked woman writhing around in fog, it shows a lot of nudity.


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David Bowie — "The Next Day"

You'd think that a video from a guy who is old enough to be a grandfather would be safe, but not so with 66-year-old David Bowie. Again it's more about the imagery than any actual sexual content, but that's plenty enough. Nipples covered only by tiny pieces of gold, a priest beating himself with a whip, a woman doing a dance that ends with her hands spurting blood — these images are probably enough to keep any parent from letting their teen watch it.


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