Kristen Stewart crushed by Robert Pattinson's move

Aug 19, 2013 at 9:45 a.m. ET

Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ever rekindle their romance? Clearly, there are still feelings between the pair because KStew is crushed that RPatz has moved house.

Kristen Stewart is heartbroken that Robert Pattinson has moved house

You may remember we brought you the news that Robert Pattinson had packed his bags and moved from his home in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, to live in a swanky gated mansion in Beverly Hills.

Pattinson wanted to put some space between himself and his ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, who is apparently heartbroken by the fact that her British heartthrob has relocated.

A source told HollywoodLife, "Kristen is crushed that Rob felt it was necessary to move to Beverly Hills. She feels like this was his way of saying, 'I can't be bothered with you anymore.' Los Feliz was their home for years. It has a completely different vibe than Beverly Hills."

"Rob told Kristen he was moving, but Kristen didn't really think he would go through with it. Of course, she's sad. She's heartbroken. If she could get back together with Rob, she would do it in a heartbeat."

"After Kristen and Rob split, she kind of took comfort in knowing that he was still so close by and that she could run into him."

Apparently, KStew and RPatz did have a run-in not so long ago! It is reported that the pair had a reunion in LA recently, where Pattinson revealed to the brunette star just how much her affair with director Rupert Sanders had hurt him.

A source told OK! magazine: "There were a few of those long pauses. Rob said he had moments where he missed her, then thought about what she did and was disgusted and disappointed."

"Kristen was quiet mostly, she let him say what he wanted and she admitted she thought about him all the time, too, and it was very hard on her as well."

Will things ever be resolved between the former couple? Perhaps they will rekindle their romance in the future? We can only hope…

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