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INTERVIEW: Harrison Ford on Paranoia and social media

In Paranoia, Harrison Ford fights Gary Oldman over power and technology. Yet in real life, Ford’s not interested in computers or social media. He likes to keep it simple.

Harrison Ford is an old school actor. He’s a man of few words, whose talent speaks for itself. This weekend, he flexes his dramatic muscle in Paranoia. It’s a thriller set within the world of billion dollar tech companies.

Ford stars as corporate giant Jock Goddard, who goes toe-to-toe with former protege Nicolas Wyatt (Gary Oldman). When SheKnows spoke to the actor, he revealed his onscreen nemesis was one of the main reasons he took the job.

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“The opportunity to work with Gary Oldman again [and] a very good script,” Ford said. “I admired the director and Liam Hemsworth and thought it would be fun.”

If you’re a fan of Ford from the ’90s era, you know he and Oldman co-starred in 1997’s Air Force One. Does “get off my plane” ring a bell?

As for his newest co-star, Hemsworth, Ford had nothing but kind words for the up-and-comer. He called him “a well-prepared and talented young actor.”

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Ford’s been working steadily in Hollywood for decades so he’s no stranger to invasive press. But celebrity or not, social media and technology are putting everyone under a microscope.

“I think it’s become too distracting,” Ford said. “People get absorbed in this world rather than the one that’s right in front of their faces.”

When it comes to keeping his personal life personal, he explained, “The most I can do is not talk about things that are private issues.”

Paranoia opens in theaters Aug. 16.

Will you be seeing Paranoia this weekend?

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