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INTERVIEW: Amber Heard on Paranoia, privacy & judgments

Amber Heard wears her thinking cap in Robert Luketic’s Paranoia. The actress tells SheKnows that she put beauty on the back burner for her latest role.

This weekend, Amber Heard stars opposite Liam Hemsworth in Paranoia. It’s a thriller that takes place in the evolving world of technology. The actress plays Emma, the love interest to Hemsworth’s Adam, but her character’s more than just a pretty face.

When SheKnows spoke to Heard she revealed, “I wanted to play a character that was truly not defined by how she looks. That was interesting to me. What I liked about Emma was that she’s strong. She’s tough. She’s independent. She’s fiercely intelligent.”

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Emma’s like no character she’s ever played before. As an actress, she’s constantly being judged on her outward appearance. Therefore, a business woman like Emma was a nice change of pace.

“Her business is completely independent of how one should look. Mine on the other hand, being an actor, is physical [too] and sometimes it’s really frustrating for me as a person.”

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Heard also described the film’s tech backdrop as “very alien.” It was different, strange but refreshing.

In a world where social media’s presence continues to rise, how does Heard keep her sanity? How does she protect her privacy? “I have and have had to constantly fight vigorously to have some semblance of a personal life. You have to kind of always look over your shoulder and cover your tracks,” she explained.

See more of Heard as Emma, when Paranoia hits theaters Aug. 16.

Will you be seeing Paranoia this weekend?

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