Love advice from The White Queen: Guiding your king

Aug 17, 2013 at 10:00 p.m. ET

Holding on to a crown and throne is hard work. To hold on to the power over your love, just try a little tenderness.

The White Queen -- Elizabeth

This week we watched as Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson) finally became King Edward's Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth was already pregnant and soon gave birth to a... girl. In the most precious moment in televised historical fiction, we watched as Edward (Max Irons) immediately warmed to his sweet princess. For a quick moment, everything was wonderful. Three years and two more princesses later, things turned sour. Edward was still wrapped around Elizabeth's finger, but the tension that surrounded them continued to grow. Lord Warwick (James Frain) was still miffed that Edward had refused to marry someone who would have helped out England's relationship with France.

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When Edward then denied Warwick's daughters the privilege of marrying the king's brothers, Warwick had enough. He took his eldest daughter, Isabel (Eleanor Tomlinson), and Edward's eldest brother, George (David Oakes), and married them. The marriage was a sign for all to rebel against King Edward. Warwick captured Edward and then, just for fun, killed Elizabeth's father and one of her brothers.

Elizabeth paid one of the ultimate prices of power. Through it all, though, she held her grip on her beloved king. But, how?

1) Marry for love... not ambition

All around Queen Elizabeth, we've watched people who have married for political gain — and often the choice wasn't even their own to make. Elizabeth saw Edward, though, and immediately fell in love. Just like her mother Jacquetta (Janet McTeer), she married for love, and surely that love will keep her marriage strong.

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2) Try a little tenderness The White Queen: Elizabeth and Edward

There's no doubt that Elizabeth is one tough cookie. She never tries to push Edward around, though. When he was considering letting his brother marry Warwick's daughters, making some valid points, petting him a little and voicing gentle disagreement swayed her king to change his mind. No hissy fits necessary.

3) Keep your head up

Despite Warwick's perpetual rudeness and last week's incident with Edward's mother, Elizabeth remained the ever-smiling love of Edward's life. She never brought her drama to bed with him. She never let the others' hate get her down or affect her mood. The true test of a queen is the ability to weather everyone else's storms, and Elizabeth did it with her head held high. There's nothing more unattractive than a petty drama queen, and drama only adds to your love's stress levels. Figure it out on your own and handle things like a grown-up.

Not every queen is as kindhearted and even tempered as Elizabeth, but those qualities are what worked for her as queen of the land and of her husband's heart. See if it works for you. Don't forget to check back at SheKnows directly after next week's The White Queen at 9/8c on STARZ.

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