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7 Reasons we want to hang out with Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is beautiful, but that’s hardly her best trait. She’s definitely the kind of girl all the guys want to date and all the girls want as their friend. Why? It’s not hard to explain.


She helps her friends find dates

Mila Kunis

Girls tend to be pretty territorial when it comes to finding potential dates, but Mila Kunis actually helps her friends find new guys.

“One of my really good friends met her fiancé on an OkCupid-style website,” she told Glamour in 2012. “I love those sites. I go on and I pick the guys for my friends. I think it’s great… We all get together with our laptops and have a glass of wine. Then we message the guy.”

Something tells us she has pretty good taste in dudes — cough Ashton Kutcher cough.

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She throws down for her pals

A Russian reporter learned the hard way that you don’t question the careers of Kunis’ pals. Go, girl.


She’s always up for a good time

Kunis was all about it when bumbling U.K. Radio One host Chris Starks asked her out for Nando’s chicken and a soccer game during their interview earlier this year. He even asked Kunis to “drop trou” with him at a wedding and she probably would have accepted if work wasn’t in the way.

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She’s not worried about what anyone thinks

Mila Kunis is a good friend

Kunis gets a bunch of crap for tooling around Hollywood in sweats, but the actress doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about her style or body — even if tabloids do call her “Hollywood’s frumpiest, dumpiest celeb.”

“People are rejected every single day purely based on opinion, about who’s a good actress, who’s a bad actress, who’s pretty, who’s ugly, who’s fat, who’s skinny,” she told Glamour U.K.

“So why go there? You have to have a positive outlook. Otherwise you’re in a very dark place.”

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She’s a gamer

She’s obsessed with World of Warcraft. ‘Nuff said.


She loves being on Family Guy

Mila Kunis Family Guy

Most huge movie stars wouldn’t slum it on television — let alone an animated show. Not Kunis.

“I hope it lives on forever and ever and ever. The greatest job, ever,” she’s said of her role as Meg.


She loves beer

Mila Kunis drinks beer

Kunis told Starks that she loves drinking Blue Moon beer. The one drink she doesn’t like? The “lad bomb” — a drink made out of a shot of Jagermeister, a double shot of vodka and Red Bull.

“Oh my God, that sounds like, the worst drink ever,” Kunis said.

We totally agree, Mila!

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