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Meet the cast & crew of Romancing the Joan

Joan Rivers can attribute her luck in finding love to SheKnows TV’s wonderful cast and crew, who poured their love, sweat and tears into the making of Romancing the Joan.

Romancing the Joan cast and crew

Joan Rivers wasn’t the only genius on set! These are the men and women who spent 15 days, traveled to four locations and put in more than 300 hours to assist Joan Rivers in finding true love. Whether she succeeded in doing just that is another question… you’ll just have to watch to find out!


Created by: Zach Alter & Tim Owens

Director: Tim Owens

Executive Producers: Kyle Cox, Tim Owens, Zach Alter

Writer: Grant Sloss

Producer: Erin Frisbie

Line Producer: Arun Vir

Editor: Doug Kennedy

Casting Director: Kara Sullivan


Production Manager: Sacha Smith

Production Coordinator: Kristopher Juniel

Art Department

Production Designer: Cecil Gentry

Leadman: Chris Scheid

Set Decorator: Jane Madden

Assistant Directors

1st Asst. Director: Alicia Zaragoza

2nd Asst. Director: Dan Campbell


Director of Photography/OP: Benji Bakshi

B Camera Op: Jacob Moyer

B Cam 1st AC: Charlie Panian

B Cam 1st AC: Spencer

BTS: Jonathan Mahoney

1st AC: Brian Decroce

2nd AC/B Camera: Ted Willis

Camera PA: Ashlyn Buller

Camera PA: John Daily

VFX/Media Manager: Tiberius Catinas

VTR Operator: Michael Morreti


Teleprompter: Cindy Mett

D&R Catering: Edgar


Wardrobe: Isabel Mandujano

Wardrobe Asst.: Annika Lawrence

Craft Services

Craft Services Asst.: Colleen Marshall


Gaffer: Dale Balani

Best Boy Electric: James King

Electrician: Noah Flippo


Key/Dolly Grip: Lalo Gutierrez

Best Boy Grip: Mark Gambino

Grip: Thomas Cross

Grip: Bobby Ivanjack


Hair/Makeup Artist: Brooke Hill

Hair/Makeup Asst.: Jamie Stevens


Production Locations: Wes Hudson

Production Locations: Christian Fecsher


Set Medic: Ed Castillo


Script Supervisor: Cristiana Fanti


Sound Mixer: Dan Devaney

Boom Operator: Don Abernathy


Quizote Trucking

PA Driver: Aidan Fitzgerald

PA Driver: Nicholas Tripi

JIB Operator: Victor Pancerev

Production Assistants

Set PA: Gustavo Bowles

Set PA: CJ Schmidt

Set PA: Sesh Evans

Production Office PA: Shamika Tomar

Talent Crew

JR/Melissa Asst.: Sabrina Miller

JR/Melissa Asst.: Jocelyn Pickett

Makeup: Adele Fass

Hair Stylist: Raymond Rosario

Wardrobe: Cary Fetman


Joan Rivers: Self

Melissa Rivers: Self

Benz Veal: Apples & Cinnamon Adam

Blake Peyrot: Original Owen

C. Kat: Joan Rivers’ stand-in

Cleo Anthony: Raspberry Richard

Dan Glenn: Sapphire Waters Wayde

Dominic Adams: Red Velvet Randy

George Snarberg: Lavender Luke

Jason Zahodnik: After the Rain Ryan

Jeremy Olson: Relaxing Spa Ray

Jeremy Roberts: Simply Vanilla Phil

Jesse Wilson: Sunny Laundry Sonny

Joanne Ryan: Melissa Rivers, stand-in

Joseph Dixon: Crème Brûlée Jean Pierre

Joseph Steven Patenaude: Orchid Petals Paolo

Michael Foster: Citrus Sunburst Steve

Mitch Eakins: Hawaiian Oasis Heath

Nahesi Crawford: Chocolate-covered Cherries Kenan

Phillip Bruenn: Pure Breeze Bryce

Stephen L. Schmitz: Waiter

Tim Parrish: Purely Peach Parker

Tony Cicchetti: Valet

Tyler Courtad: Tropical Waters Wyatt

And that’s just her makeup team (just kidding)! Big shout-out and thanks to everyone who was involved. Now we hope all of you enjoy the show.

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