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Harry Styles & more: Top 5 poorly-timed twerking choices

It may have been the Teen Choice Awards, but One Direction’s Harry Styles broke out some decidedly adult dance moves at last night’s show with a little impromptu twerking. He isn’t the only celeb breaking out the booty clap at inappropriate moments. Check out this year’s top 5 offenders!

Harry Styles
Styles’ tiny twerking session lands him on this list because, despite its short duration, wide-eyed teenyboppers worldwide were watching his pelvis gyrations. Sure, it isn’t the first time Taylor Swift’s ex has twerked — he’s been known to break out the dirty dancing during concerts. And while we’re sure none of the 12-year-olds screaming so loudly they break the sound barrier mind his moves, it’s kind of a cheap trick to play on the hormones of preteen girls. You’re cute, Harry Styles, but try to keep the twerking to a minimum at events geared toward girls barely out of grade school.

Austin Mahone
Cutie-pie singer Austin Mahone — sometimes dubbed “Baby Bieber” — debuted his bun-clapping abilities (or lack thereof, bless his little heart) on a boat — a boat! — thus landing him on the poorly timed twerking list. One unwieldy wave and Mahone would have been pitched overboard. Also problematic? The pop sensation’s twerking soundtrack. Granted, it sounds like he’s listening to the radio, but he could’ve waited for a song slightly better suited to booty shakin’ than “Radioactive.” Somehow we don’t think the guys of Imagine Dragons ever fathomed their lyrics would be fodder for a twerk sesh.

Miley Cyrus
You know we can’t have a list involving twerking without Miss Miley Cyrus, y’all. She might be the entire reason a few of the offenders are even on this list — she kicked off the trend of surprising celebrity twerkers. Having said that, even though Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video is a twerkfest of epic proportions, the timing isn’t nearly as inappropriate as the other twerk-isodes on our list… which isn’t to say the timing was totally appropriate, either. We can’t imagine that her hunky fiancé Liam was super-thrilled that — amid cheating and breakup rumors — his future bride released a video in which she twerked it on every animate (and seemingly every inanimate) object in sight. Now, raunchy music video aside, is it wrong to admit we totally love this song?

Nicki Minaj
Now, don’t get us wrong… we love a little Nicki Minaj. What we got when watching the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, however, was a whole lot more Nicki Minaj than we were mentally prepared for. The night wasn’t without a few other sexed-up moments, but the show really got racy when Minaj hit the stage to perform her single “High School.” We found the amount of twerking Minaj and her backup dancers were doing to be mildly uncomfortable, so you can imagine how flushed our faces got when she took twerking to the next level all over Lil Wayne. Let’s defer to the old credo, “There’s a time and a place for everything.” And the place for that kind of grindin’ is behind closed doors.

Amanda Bynes
There are so many unfortunate things about this clip… where do we start? First of all, unless you’re in a dance-oriented class, dancing in the gym is generally a no-no. Twerking on a treadmill? Well, that is never — and we repeat, never — a good idea. We’re not saying Bynes doesn’t deserve some props for her moves, though. C’mon, are you coordinated enough to pop it and lock it on that narrow track? There’s a reason dance floors are stationary, people. In light of Bynes’ recent diagnosis, we’re going to give her a free pass on this one… but, should we ever see you at the gym again, Ms. Bynes, we hope to see more workin’ out than twerkin’ out.

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