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Justin Bieber’s naked serenade with nothing but a guitar

Just Bieber apparently got naked with a guitar to serenade his grandma at a family gathering last November.

Just when you think Justin Bieber couldn’t possibly get any stranger or crasser, news comes out of another wacky stunt. TMZ reports that the Biebs once gave a naked serenade to a very special lady in his life… his grandma??

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In the photos posted on TMZ, you can see Bieber strutting around without a single stitch of clothing, with nothing but a guitar to hide his front parts and nothing at all hiding his bare butt.

Why on earth was Bieber walking around naked with a guitar? Well, it seems that the singer woke up late at his grandmother’s house on Thanksgiving morning in 2012 and thought that he’d give his family the surprise of their lives. Hearing everyone stirring around the house after he’d slept in a little too much, Bieber grabbed his guitar and pranked them, but good (or should that be “butt good”?).

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The Biebs apparently walked right up to his grandmother and began singing a specially made, impromptu song just for her, which lyrics like, “I Loooove you Grandmaaaa… how are youuuu… helloooo Grandma.”

Apparently Bieber’s family (including his grandma) did think the joke was pretty funny and all were reportedly cracking up at Bieber’s antics, though granny did eventually beg her grandson to go back to his room and put some pants on before they sat down to their Thanksgiving meal.

Considering some of the things that the Biebs has been accused of recently, strutting around butt-naked with a guitar is actually quite tame. The teen idol was recently accused of being involved in a brawl with patrons and security at a club in a New York club, as well as spitting on some of his fans. Plus, let’s not forget smoking weed. Between the fighting, spitting and pot, nudity definitely sounds like the better choice.

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Image courtesy of WENN

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