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Learn to like your tween’s music

With a little bit of perspective, it’s possible to both live with and even enjoy your tween’s choice in music. You may even find your toes tapping along before it’s all said and done.

SheKnows Parents listing to music with tween daugthter

So you’re listening to One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” for the seventh time in one day. We get it. Your nerves are fried and you just don’t understand how this counts as music. What happened to the good old days, after all? The glory days of “real music,” like what you grew up with?

in the midst of frustration, try to step back for a moment and consider that your tween’s music is a window into his or her inner world, and maybe even a valuable way for the two of you to connect.

Appreciate lyrics

Many parents are appalled by the lyrics they hear coming through the car stereo as they take their kids to school. So much of the music available from hip hop, pop and even country artists is full of cursing, drinking and sex. And while some of these songs pass as “tween” music, there are numerous artists that zero in on a tween audience and bypass the vulgar lyrics. Seek out songs with lyrics you can appreciate, like “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. What woman wouldn’t want a man saying things like that to her? When you pay attention to what they’re saying, you might gain a better understanding of why they make your daughter swoon!

Understand what is timeless

It’s not exactly fair to tease tweens about their music selections because, really, it’s not all bad. Did you like One Direction’s hit “Live Like We’re Young“? The song was huge across the nation with both tweens and adults because it had several timeless musical themes: memorable lyrics, lots of hooks and musical incongruities. These are techniques that generations of songwriters have used to create hit songs, and there’s a chance that the songs you loved as a kid had some of these same themes.

Listen for messages

Tweens are, by definition, between the worlds of children and teenagers. It’s a time when some kids feel lost and not really sure how to express themselves in a quickly changing world. Music can feel very powerful at this age. A positive way to incorporate your tween’s music and boost her self-esteem at the same time would be to film your own music video! Take notes from UK’s dreamiest, One Direction, and their “One Thing” music video. It’s so fun and lighthearted, and it truly shows off their personalities. Take a Saturday to set up your own video shoot in the backyard and have your kiddos rock out to their favorite songs. Who knows — you may discover some unknown talents and have the next teenage superstar on your hands!

Try to remember

If all else fails, try to channel the feelings you had when you were a tween. Maybe the music from your younger years isn’t quite as good as you remember, but it doesn’t make it any less meaningful to you. The meaning of your tween’s songs isn’t necessarily contained in meaningful lyrics, but in the memories of first love, increasing independence and fun with friends.

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