10 Things to know about ABC's Betrayal

Aug 13, 2013 at 9:10 p.m. ET

ABC's new series Betrayal will be a mix of romance, crime drama and action. Here are 10 things to know before it premieres.

10 Things to know about ABC's new series Betrayal

ABC's new series Betrayal is set to premiere on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 10/9c. Before the series debuts, the cast and creators spoke at a special panel for the Television Critics Association to answer questions about what viewers can expect from the first season. On the panel were cast members Henry Thomas (who plays T.J.), James Cromwell (who plays Thatcher), Stuart Townsend (who plays Jack), Hannah Ware (who plays Sara), and executive producers David Zabel and Lisa Zwerling.

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Here are 10 things learned from the panel.

Don't assume "betrayal" only means cheating.

While it's clear from the trailer for the new series that infidelity is going to play a role in the new series, the creators pointed out that viewers will find that the word "betrayal" will end up having multiple meanings as the series progresses through its first season.

Sara will be a relatable character.

Ware spoke about her character and said that one of things that drew her to the role of Sara was the fact that hers is a relationship that many people can potentially see themselves in. Sara and her husband aren't necessarily in a dysfunctional marriage, yet when she meets someone new, it makes her see the world through different eyes and experience a reawakening of sorts.

None of the characters are black and white.

According to Zabel, the show will not be presented as a conventional soap opera with characters that are all good or all bad. Instead, he said the show will play off the idea that the audience will have the sophistication to see the characters' many layers.

The first season will be a close-ended story.

Betrayal, much like ABC's other upcoming seriesOnce Upon a Time in Wonderland, will be presented as a story with a beginning, middle and end. Should the series get a second season, they will continue the story from there.

ABC BetrayalThe affair won't be a perfect relationship.

While it's unclear if the affair between Sara and Jack will be one of true love, one thing you can be sure it won't be is perfect. The creators promised that the two characters will find challenges in their relationship that will go beyond simply keeping it a secret from those who could be hurt by it.

Expect to have conflicting emotions as you watch.

Zabel talked about Jack and Sara's relationship and said that, while it is romanticized to some extent, it is also set up in such a way that viewers shouldn't necessarily be rooting for them to have an affair. Sara's husband won't be portrayed as a bad guy and Jack as the hero.

The series will be equal parts crime story and romance.

Though the crime aspect isn't overly evident in the trailer for the series, the creators said that they worked hard to mix the romance of the show with the crime story.

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There will be plenty of excitement on the show.

But though the show will have romance and the drama of a crime story, don't expect that it won't have excitement and action as well. Zabel said that viewers should expect to be taken on a ride. "We make every episode as balls-out as we can," he revealed.

Thatcher is one complicated man.

James Cromwell plays the character of Thatcher, who promises to be an extremely complicated character. Cromwell spoke about his character and said that Thatcher will be learning about his own humanity throughout the series. In fact, Cromwell said he thought one definition of "betrayal" applied to Thatcher. "I believe that the betrayal is the lie he tells himself and the lie he tells others," he said.

The series will play with time.

In the beginning of the pilot, viewers will see something that will cause shock and raise a lot of questions. Then viewers will be taken back in time to before the incident happened and the series will continue to resolve the mystery as it closes in on that time again.

Do you plan to watch ABC's Betrayal when it premieres next month?

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