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Graceland recap: Meet Odin

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Graceland‘s episode, “Bag Man.” You don’t wanna ruin this for yourself.

Graceland Bag Man

Oh. Em. Gee. Graceland.

Last week ended with what could have been proof that Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) was Odin. Or, you know, it could have been a really good cover for the fact that Odin really didn’t show up, right? If you were firmly placed in the Briggs=Odin camp, this week was probably pretty self-affirming. We at SheKnows are now firmly planted in the belief that Briggs is, indeed, Odin — especially after this week’s episode!

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SheKnows Cheat Sheat

  • Briggs is Odin. We just know it!
  • Mike witnessed more disturbing stuff.
  • Charlie and Johnny are pretty sure Briggs is Odin, too.
  • Mike brought Abbey to Graceland. She saw Paige with a gun and then found Mike’s.


Last week, after meeting Bello and claiming he was Odin, we weren’t sure what he was going to do next. Of all the possible outcomes, the one he chose certainly made the whole thing seem more believable… even to us. Not only that, but it seems as though Charlie and Johnny (and maybe Mike… it’s hard to tell) are onto him, too.

This week Bello demanded another meeting with Odin. Nearly the entire team was staking out the meeting place and about the time that Bello got a text and began moving to a new location, Briggs magically had to make a run after another perp. Except not really. Bello slipped into a dressing room as “USA Clothing” and moved the mirror to find a hole that led to the backroom. Meanwhile, circle the block and then came around the back to meet him.

The whole thing was suspicious enough, but it was made even moreso when Bello suddenly appeared coming out of the store next door. Charlie investigated, found the hole and made her way through about the same time that Johnny came through the store next door and Mike (Aaron Tveit) came through the back.

Briggs/Odin hadn’t left yet, though, and had to think fast. He attacked Mike from behind and got him in a stranglehold until he lost consciousness. Then he shot his gun in a random direction and signaled the gang as if he’d just shown up and found Mike on the ground. He sent Johnny (Manny Montana) and Charlie on a snipe hunt to find “Odin” while Briggs woke Mike and acted as if he wasn’t the guy who just almost strangled him to death.

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What a DB!

This isn’t the only way Briggs has messed with Mike, either. Bello was running his drug business out of an abandoned bank when thugs from the rival Caza cartel broke in and lit the place up. Bello managed to capture one of the gunmen alive, though, and took him back to the warehouse to torture him. Charlie knew Mike needed to get out of there, but Briggs convinced him to power through it, only adding to the list of stuff Mike has seen that will stay with him forever. That guy is going to have serious issues after his first year on the job.

Speaking of jerks…

Last week we saw an interesting side of Jakes. We found out he had a kid he’d abandoned (most likely so he couldn’t end up hurt because of Jakes’ job). We watched him get to know his son’s new quasi-step-dad just so he could score some info on his boy and make sure he was in good hands. It was heartwarming, to say the least.

This week, we watch Johnny and Jakes (Brandon McLaren) have a “bonding” moment in the car. Johnny was being his usual little brother self and giving Jakes a hard time. Jakes took things too far, though. He told Johnny he needed to chillax and realize that his roommates in Graceland were not his family. Ouch. From what we know about Johnny, we’re pretty sure his fellow agents are as close to a real family as he has. That had to be rough for him to hear.

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Sweet revenge

Charlie and Mike had a moment of fun at Jakes’ expense, though, which helped make it all worthwhile. While John and Jakes were working out at the gym while waiting for “Odin” to pick up some drug money, Jakes looked downright miserable. Charlie’s comment: “It’s like putting a sweater on a dog.” Um, nailed it?!

One more thing

Mike was an idiot this week and chose to bring Abs back to Graceland and up to his room. First he had to quickly toss a sweater over his gun. Then, when Abs went to peek out into the hallway, she found Paige with a gun. Just as they were able to explain away the gun, Abbey lifted her sweater off Mike’s dresser and found Mike’s gun. Mike’s got some ‘splainin’ to do!

Actually, we kind of hope it’s just the end of Mabs. We’re just not in love with them as a couple. We want to see Mike act a little more like a playboy… or maybe hook up with Paige.

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