Sesame Street videos: Cookie Monster remix of Icona Pop!

Aug 8, 2013 at 7:31 p.m. ET

VIDEO: Cookie Monster has lots of fun in the Icona Pop parody, "I Want It (But Me Wait)." But Sesame Street left out one critical detail.

Sesame Street character Cookie Monster Sesame Street videos and songs always bring a smile to our face. And one of our favorite Sesame Street characters, Cookie Monster, brings the laughs — and the wisdom — to the song of the summer: "I Love It" by Icona Pop.

Yet, despite Sesame Street's obvious good intentions, the message Cookie Monster sings about is entirely lost in the last five seconds of the music video for "I Want It (But Me Wait)."

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The Cookie Monster remix, "Me Want It (But Me Wait)," is an educational video parody of Icona Pop's liberating anthem that energized millennials around the world. Sesame Street uses Icona Pop's infectious hook and lyrics of their hit song "I Love It" to teach us about impulse control and self-regulation.

In the Sesame Street video, Cookie Monster dances away from lots of yummy chocolate chip cookies with motivating and helpful will-power tips. Some of the lyrics from "Me Want It (But Me Wait)" include:

When me lose control, when me on the brink, 
Need to just calm down, me need to stop and think
Me need control me self, yeah that's the way to live
And then me functioning, like an executive.

The Icona Pop remix shows many Sesame Street characters dancing in a club as bright lights flash on their faces — are they exercising self-control? — and Cookie Monster sings about his new found will-power into a mirror.

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When me lose control, when me have no doubt
Me have strategies, that can calm me down
Me can talk to self, me can stand up straight
Me can take deep breath, me can self-regulate!

But what happens at the end of "Me Want It (But Me Wait)" is a little surprising.

Cookie Monster never ends up telling us why he waited to eat a cookie and then gives in at the very end of the Sesame Street song because he "had waited long enough." We then see Cookie Monster practically inhale a giant cookie as the song ends. The message seems a bit confusing to us.

Watch the Sesame Street video of the Cookie Monster song, "Me Want It (But Me Wait)" below and tell us what you think — does Cookie Monster make sense?

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