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INTERVIEW: Teri Hatcher on Disney’s Planes and taking risks

Teri Hatcher brings realism to Disney’s Planes. As Dottie, she tries to keep Dusty, a crop plane, from chasing his dream of aerial racing. SheKnows recently spoke to Hatcher and, unlike her character, she’s no stick in the mud.

In Disney’s Planes, Teri Hatcher plays Dottie, a forklift who gives sage advice. She’s very practical and tries to nip Dusty Crophopper’s (Dane Cook) high-flying dreams in the bud. When SheKnows spoke to Hatcher, we wondered if she’s a stern realist like her character.

“I think I have a balance… Although, I guess I’d probably lean a little more [toward] risk taking,” Hatcher revealed. “I mean, I’m very much that kind of person that when I feel myself going, ‘Wow I feel kind of afraid of this.’ Then I think, 50 years from now am I going to be sorry that I didn’t do this?

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She continued, “If the answer’s yes, then I force myself to do it anyway. I guess that makes me a risk taker but not a careless risk taker. I don’t let my fears hold me back, but hopefully they’re not putting me in stupid positions either.”

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Hatcher also dished on her parenting style. She has a teenage daughter (Emerson Tenney), who she’s tried to guide without being overbearing.

“I don’t think I’m overprotective,” she said. ” I think I’ve really tried consistently throughout raising her to continue to offer her tools. To offer her experience that’s going to help her grow into a person that’s ultimately gonna have good judgement because you can’t be there forever. And I think I’ve done that.”

Hear more of Hatcher’s voice of reason in Disney’s Planes, which opens in theaters today!

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