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INTERVIEW: Dane Cook on Disney’s Planes, fear and bad dates

This week, Dane Cook flies into theaters with Disney’s Planes. SheKnows recently spoke to the actor about his character, and their odd similarities.

In Disney’s Planes, comedian Dane Cook voices Dusty Crophopper. He’s a wannabe high-flyer with an irrational fear of heights. With that in mind, SheKnows asked Cook about what makes him uneasy. Everyone has something that makes them a little antsy.

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“I have a fear of lows,” Cook joked. “I love working. I enjoy creating something new and I think the time I get a little bit trepidatious is when I don’t have something that I’m putting my whole heart into that’s new. This film actually came along at the perfect time for that because I was in a little bit of a rut going, ‘Well, I love stand-up but what else can I put myself into that I’ve never done before?’ I wanted to be in the never-done-before business. This is definitely that place.”

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Dusty’s fear may be the center of the film, but there’s more to his story. He also has a love interest called Rochelle played by the talented Julia Louis-Dreyfus. At one point, Dusty serenades her with a song. It was an experience Cook could relate to.

“I wrote a song for this girl that I was seeing,” he revealed. “I played guitar and I sang, or at that time I warbled… It was a song that I’d written called ‘A Second Date For Me And You.’ And I sang it at the end of the first date.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as romantic as he’d hoped.

Cook continued, “I messed up the chords, which then threw off the harmony… I was kind of warbling all the way through. I think years later she said that was adorable, which was code for I’m never going to see you again.”

Find out if Cook has better luck on the big screen, when Planes opens in theaters today.

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