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The Bachelorette‘s Brooks: I made the right decision

The Bachelorette‘s Brooks opens up about his decision to step away from Des and let her find love with someone else.

The Bachelorette's Brooks opens up about dumping Des

Well, it finally happened. In the season finale of The Bachelorette last night, Des made her final decision about which suitor she would accept. There was some speculation that she might end up going home alone, but in the end she proposed to Chris.

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Now that all the dust has settled, the man who made history when he turned down Des has decided to speak out about his decision. Brooks has opened up to People magazine about what made him make that difficult (or was it?) choice.

In last week’s episode, it was apparent that Des was completely smitten with Brooks during their last date and a proposal for him seemed imminent. Unfortunately, Brooks didn’t feel the same way and broke poor Des’ heart when he told her so.

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As Brooks walked away from Des, his feelings told him all he needed to know about his decision. “I realized that when I was away from Des, I wasn’t having these moments of anguish,” he said. “That was a big indicator to me that my feelings weren’t there.”

He admitted to having some feelings for her, though. “I wanted so badly for [the relationship] to work out, and it was so close I could almost touch it. But I needed to walk away. She deserved to be in love with someone who was equally in love with her.”

While some fans wondered if maybe Brooks would realize he’d somehow made a mistake and would go running back to Des, he was adamant in his choice. “I made the right decision,” he said.

It may have been the right choice, but it wasn’t necessarily easy walking away. “It was hard and there were things I missed about Desiree right away. But I knew long term that it was right.”

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Brooks admitted that he couldn’t be happier for the new couple and enjoyed seeing them while taping After the Final Rose. “During filming, I could see the way Des looked at Chris,” he revealed. “Des came with the objective of finding love and so did Chris and they found that. I tip my hat to them.”

Now that Des is happy, Brooks is ready to get back into the dating world for himself. “I’m excited to begin the search again. I’ll never give up on love. It’s what I’m looking for, part of the pursuit of happiness.”

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