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Top 5 awesome diva moments from Candice Glover

Teen Choice Awards nominee Candice Glover is up for Music Breakthrough Artist. Here’s why this American Idol winner will take home a surfboard.

Candice Glover AI Teen Choice Awards 2013 nomniee

Candice Glover, the inspiring American Idol Season 12 winner, is now up for Choice Music Breakout Artist at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.

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While some know Glover as the 23-year-old, South Carolina-native with a powerhouse voice — her rendition of “I Am Beautiful” is one of the most popular American Idol performances in recent history — many are unaware of her hidden inner diva.

Diva you say?

Yes, Glover is set to take over music as we know it. Even Mariah Carey symbolically knighted Glover as her successor with the most amazing glitter bomb.

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Here are the top five most amazing diva moments from Teen Choice Awards nominee Candice Glover: 

1. Candice Glover rocked all her American Idol songs

Just a quick scroll through American Idol shows reveals almost all of her performances with millions of views. She reminds us of Melanie Amaro from The X-Factor but with a bit younger vibe.

Most of her American Idol performances are flawless. Need proof? Listen to her remarkable jazz-inspired cover of The Cure’s “Lovesong.” It gave us chills.

2. Candice Glover started the Mariah Carey glitter bomb

Mariah Carey glitter bomb GIF

After Glover sang “Lovesong” on American Idol, Mariah Carey straight up dusted her with glitter as the audience gave Glover a standing ovation. Carey, the original D-I-V-A, was clearly passing the torch to Ms. Glover.

3. Candice does not buy into Ryan Seacrest

Candice Glover eyerolls at Ryan Seacrest

Glover is not amused by Ryan Seacrest and his annoying American Idol questions and is not afraid to show it. Enough said.

4. Glover already has pyrotechnics and back-up singers

Candice Glover diva American Idol

If the glitter bomb was Mariah Carey passing the diva torch, then major stage effects and back-up singers is a message straight from Beyoncé to Candice Glover.

Oh, and the back-up singers? Those are American Idol contestants Angie Miller and Kree Harrison who placed second and third. There is only one #1 on this stage.

5. Candice’s “I Am Beautiful” performance is legendary

Glover’s performance of “I Am Beautiful” is one of the best performances in the history of American Idol. The song’s theme is nothing short of a true diva: Candice knows she has the voice to win and is not surprised she took home the top spot.

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