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Twisted recap: So much truth to tell, so little time

There are spoilers ahead for ABC Family’s Twisted episode “The Truth Will Out.”

Twisted - The Truth Will Out

“The truth will set you free,” right? That’s certainly what Lacey and Jo are hoping for as they each try to come clean to the other. But will it work? And, what happened when Danny joined in on the truth-for-all?

SheKnows Cheat Sheat

  • No one believes Karen killed Regina. (But we do learn why Karen and Danny aren’t very close.)
  • Lacey’s dad is gay. Jo finds out and tells Lacey. Lacey’s dad denies it.
  • Danny confesses that the necklace appeared in his locker after Regina was murdered.
  • Jo knows about Lacey and Danny’s relationship.
  • The pattern on the necklace matches the pattern on the “For Sale” sign at the Desai’s house.

Karen’s “truth”

Everyone immediately sees through Karen’s murder confession. It’s an incredibly loving thing for Karen (Denise Richards) to do and it goes a long way to repair her relationship with her son. That seems especially important considering this week’s flashbacks that first showed signs of a rift between Karen and Danny since he was very young.

There’s just one concern: Since no one actually believes Karen’s confession, does that make Danny look more guilty? Probably. Though, Sheriff Masterson may have finally stumbled upon something that doesn’t connect Danny to the murder. That infamous necklace? The golden pattern matches that of the logo on the “For Sale” sign at the Desai’s house. What could that possibly mean and does that make Regina and Vikram more connected or less?

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Jo’s truth

After inexplicably being invited to Lacey’s sister’s birthday party, Jo discovers more truth than she ever wanted to: She finds Lacey’s dad making out in a closet with the gymnastics coach. While her dad confesses his homosexuality to Jo, he makes Jo promise not to tell Lacey. She says she won’t, buuuut….

The girls are both working hard to mend their friendship and Jo knows the best way to do that is to remain honest. She confesses everything… right as Lacey was finally set to tell Jo about her relationship with Danny. Except she doesn’t. While we all know I’m not a huge Lacey fan, I’m fairly certain she didn’t withhold this truth out of meanness. It was no longer the right time. And, most important, she knows this truth will hurt Jo. So she swallows it back. For now.

Another interesting tidbit about Jo’s confession: When Lacey confronts her father, he refuses to admit he’s gay or that anything is going on. Lacey chooses to believe Jo, though. (And, again, she almost tells Jo about her relationship with Danny, but he interrupts…)

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Danny’s truth

After weeks of keeping way too many secrets from Jo and Lacey, he finally lets another loose. He admits to the girls that the necklace Karen says she found on her own actually came from him. In an effort, no doubt, to set him up, someone put the necklace in Danny’s locker and he found it the morning after Regina’s murder. Lacey doesn’t believe Danny, though, and suddenly that confession makes him seem all the more guilty.

Lacey’s truth

She freaks out on Danny after his confession, almost admitting her disgust over the fact that she’s kissed a probable killer. And there, in the halted phrases and words left unspoken, Jo realizes the truth. She figures out the feelings connecting Lacey and Danny. And, while Lacey is mad, Jo is stunned and hurt into silence.

Her truth comes out to Rico, too. Remember when we watched someone filming Lacey and Danny making out after the party? The video mysteriously shows up in Rico’s email. But why Rico? I’m starting to think he’s more involved than we realize. Why else would he care about Lacey and Danny’s make-out sesh?

Ohhhh, things are getting juicy!

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