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Miley Cyrus releases new album title & song with Britney leaks

Miley released the name of her upcoming album today. What does it mean? Your guess is as good as ours. Plus, check out a leaked sample of the title track.

Miley Cyrus

Last month, Miley Cyrus, in hopes of reaching 13 million Twitter followers, posted the following tweet:

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Well, Smilers (evidently, that’s what Cyrus’ fans are called now), Cyrus hit her goal of 13 million followers today and she has released the title of her album.

We’ll let her tell y:

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#BANGERZ? Oh my goodness, I have so many questions.

First, what’s a bangerz? Like ‘bangerz and mash’? Did you turn British all of a sudden like Madonna? Is the hashtag really necessary? Was it supposed to be “bong-ers” as a nod to your friend Snoop Lion and you misspelled it?

What does it mean?!

Oh, well, thanks for that clarification. It’s totally clear now.

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Along with the title, there is a leak (ugh, again with the leaks) of nine whole seconds of the title track. The snippet is rumored to be a duet between Cyrus and Britney Spears. Ooh la la.

Cyrus and Spears are friends, and fittingly so. As Cyrus told the UK Huffington Post, Spears is the “one person in [her] life who gets it.”

“It,” we can only assume, refers to the day when you want to shave your head and attack a paparazzo with an umbrella. Spears certainly gets that.

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We have those leaked nine seconds for you. I have no idea whose voice we are hearing — Cyrus’ or Spears’, but one thing I do know, this album is going to be #BANGERZ.


What do you think of the rumored Miley & Britney duet? Is it #BANGERZ? Let us know in the comments below.

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