Teen Choice web star nominees: Who are they and why should you care?

Aug 9, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. ET

It's the age of the online superstar, and that means anyone can become famous. The Teen Choice Awards are honoring five of the latest acts to become famous by doing something a little different online.

Ryan Beatty The Teen Choice Awards have always put teens first, and they are doing what they can to bring the world of self-made stars to the limelight. The "Choice Web Star" award is meant to promote those stars who have made their own way in the world, and right now it appears the best way to do that is through YouTube.

Ryan Beatty

Beatty is a 17-year-old singer that got famous the new-fashioned way: through YouTube. He has over 30 million views on YouTube, was named one of the most-anticipated new artists in music and was named by Billboard as one of the Next Big Sounds.


The nominees for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards are...


Cimorelli got their start in a similar way. The group is made of six sisters, who signed to Universal Records in 2011. But they really made their mark in 2012 when they won "The Bieber Off", a contest put together by Ryan Seacrest.


Dave Days

Dave Days is also a YouTube star, but in a slightly different way. The 22-year-old has more than 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, but records covers and song parodies (as well as some originals). The singer regularly focused on Miley Cyrus, and she appeared in one of his videos in 2010.


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Kid President

Robby Novak, better know as Kid President, is another YouTube star. Novak is a 9-year-old who works with his brother-in-law to create inspiration episodes.


The Screaming Sheep

The Screaming Sheep may first be remembered by their parody (or was it a mashup?) of Taylor Swift’s "I Knew You Were Trouble." They have since remade many songs, and have resorted to compilations of all their screaming sheep parodies.


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Who would you like to see win the Choice Web Star Award?

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