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Katy Perry’s a woman, hear her “Roar

Katy Perry stuns both fans and apparent funeral-goers in her teaser trailers for the upcoming release of her single “Roar.”

Katy Perry

Didn’t you think Katy Perry‘s style was ageless?

I liked to think so, though I couldn’t imagine her prancing around in high-waisted short-shorts and neon bras as a middle-aged woman. But even then, wouldn’t that have been marginally empowering? She’s always wielded her sexuality as a liberating weapon and her confident charm radiates from her.

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Sure, she donned all sorts of brightly colored wigs, outrageous costumes and animated expressions, but presumably it was all part of an act. Whatever she’s doing, she’s definitely changing scenes with the new dawn that’s coming. Her new trailers for “Roar” are darker, and definitely displaying a different side of Katy.

Heck, we’re all allowed to grow older, mature and take on different paths, but the music industry doesn’t have overnight transformations of perception (unless you consider the X-rated Disney-to-tabloid transitions that stars like Vanessa Hudgens had *ahem*).

OK, so what’s the fuss about with the trailers? Well, the first teaser had her burning a trademark blue wig (circa “California Girls” perhaps), and the second had her at a funeral where other girls dressed in trademark Katy Perry-like outfits mourned the loss of an ominous someone that it’s fair to assume was the “old” Katy.

She’s definitely making waves ahead of the new album Prism that’s set to be released in October of this year. She’s got a golden semitrailer with a promotional message out and about for fans to take a picture of and retweet, which guarantees a retweet from her. Good use of social media, I’ll say.

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Katy Perry is known for her appearance as much as she is for her music. Where will this leave her now? Is this all a show? Do you think she got fed up maintaining her old image and wants to emerge as a more “serious” musician? Did you like the old Katy, or would you like a less flashy version of her? Could it be possible she’s changed because she’s dating John Mayer again?

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More than the single, and more than the semitrailer, people are wanting to know who the “new” Katy is. I’d be curious to see if she just reappears on release day in her normal getup and says, “Gotcha!”

Shoot us a comment on your thoughts and concerns, and meanwhile, enjoy the trailers below.

Trailer #1: “Burning Baby Blue” (The fiery death of the blue wig.)
Trailer #2: “The Third Coming” (Possible funeral of the old Katy Perry?)

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