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VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan’s 5 amazing moments on Chelsea Lately

Lindsay Lohan wows as host of Chelsea Lately. Skeptical? We break down her top 5 amazing moments — but watch the full episode below and judge for yourself.

Lindsay Lohan leaves a television studio.

Lindsay Lohan hosted Chelsea Lately? Yep. If you’re like us we were hesitant — even cynical — that Lohan could pull off even a remotely passable performance post-rehab.

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Yet despite Lohan’s drug and alcohol problems and years filled with embarrassingly bad movies, she was absolutely flawless as the guest-host of Chelsea Lately.

We even caught a sneak peak of Lohan in The Canyons.

So what made Lohan such a charming fit for Chelsea Lately?

We break down the top 5 most amazing moments of her hosting gig and even have the full episode from last night below.

1. Lindsay Lohan gets personal with Harry Styles (2:15)

Lohan talks about Harry Style‘s recent GQ interview in which he was questioned about his sexual partners — specifically if he was bisexual given a recent rumored romantic link to a male DJ.

The punch line she delivers sets the tone for the shockingly refreshing show and is a must-see.

2. Lohan talks Justin Bieber and nightclubs (6:50)

One of our favorite lines of the show involved Lohan’s hilarious joke over her love affair with vodka. It all started when she took on the story of Justin Bieber‘s recent rejection from hot spot Manhattan nightclub the Griffin.

Lohan smiled into the camera and explained to the Biebs that he should have just called her because honestly, club owners really love her.

3. Lindsay Lohan reveals sneak peak The Canyons (8:00)

While critics of the film may not be thrilled with The Canyons it’s clear Lohan is an amazingly talented actress. The scene she choose for Chelsea Lately is intense and emotional; it shows she still has her acting chops despite a shaky personal life.

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4. Who knew Lohan was allergic to vodka? (9:05)

This will go down as probably the best part of Lohan’s entire guest-hosting gig for Chelsea Lately. While opening up the discussion on the Russian vodka boycott, she not only jokes about the waste of alcohol but also lets the audience in on a secret: she’s allergic to vodka.

“What happens?” asks panel comedian Brad Wollack.

“I end up in rehab and jail, that’s what happens,” says Lohan, completely serious.


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5. The now-infamous Lohan dig at Kristen Stewart (12:00)

Lohan mocked Kristen Stewart‘s often monotonic presence when she told Chelsea Lately viewers that Stewart recently put a paparazzo on blast when he got a little too close to her.

Still want more? Check out the full episode of Lindsay Lohan as she hosted Chelsea Lately last night:
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