VIDEO: Fox pays tribute to Cory Monteith

The Fox network paid tribute to Cory Monteith with a short but sweet video card.

Cory Montetih Lea Michele

It was short but sweet, like his life: the Fox network aired a video memorial card for late star Cory Monteith Thursday before showing a repeat of Glee.

The 12-second clip showed highlights of Monteith’s character Finn Hudson throughout his run on the hit show, plus some behind-the-scenes footage, and ended with the words, “Cory Monteith Forever in our hearts.”

Watch the Cory Monteith memorial video:

New episodes of Glee will not air until Sept. 26, and Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed that Finn will be written out of the show in the third episode of the season.

“The third episode will be Finn Hudson being written out of the show. It would be difficult to come out of the gate right away and then recover,” Reilly told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour Thursday, adding that the first two episodes are tributes to The Beatles and had already been written at the time of Monteith’s death.

“Cory’s character will be written off, and [it] will deal directly with drug addiction and the circumstances surrounding Cory’s death,” he added.

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The show will then take a three-week break for the World Series, allowing both the audience and the writers to “reset” the series.

Show creator Ryan Murphy, who led a private memorial for cast and crew, recently confirmed Monteith’s character will be killed off. “The right thing to do for the show, at least at this point, is to have that character pass,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “When we do the tribute episode to that character, we’ll have to do it in a way where the cast members will not have to recreate feelings of grief that they’ve had — but do it in an upbeat way. If we can do this responsibly and help young people through these feelings, that’s the best that we can hope for.”

Monteith had been written out of the last two episodes of the fourth season of the show to seek treatment for drug addiction last April.

He was found dead of a heroin overdose on July 13.

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