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Music review: Naya Rivera “Sorry” (snippet)

You don’t have to watch Glee to know Naya Rivera is a firecracker. She portrays a vivacious diva on the show, and brings her sass on a new track. But, question is, does this song show any promise?

I love Glee.

Naya Rivera

Do you love Glee?

No? Sometimes? Who cares? This isn’t about Glee anyway.

But this is about Naya Rivera and she’s most popular for her role on the hit show. And while you may only be familiar with Lea Michele‘s grand voice, or perhaps even Darren Criss‘, Naya’s as well is sensational. What’s more is that she also knows how to use it alongside some pretty killer dance moves.

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She certainly has all the necessary components to make her a star, but what would this song sound like? What voice would she have (literally and figuratively) outside of the show?

When I heard there was a sample floating on the interwebs of her latest single, my sweaty fingers hydroplaned to the keyboard to find it.

The songstress/actress has recently received help for this track from her boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, who will actually be on the full track. That’s a big reason why I was looking forward to hearing this snippet. What would their musical collaboration sound like? Alas, I was gravely disappointed. But not for the reasons you’d expect, and read on to find out why.

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All right, so what’s my verdict on the question I posed above? Should she be sorry? I think she should. For what? For releasing such an unsatisfactory snippet! All I heard is her coy laugh (though very charming), and her sultry recital of the spelling of “sorry.” There had to have been a more appropriate, and quite frankly, telling portion of the song she could have featured.

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If you didn’t already know she was talented, this snippet as a standalone would just leave her on the wayside with Paris Hilton and her music career. So to do her justice and to refresh you on her dancing and vocal talent, check out this performance from Glee:
And now, for your listening pleasure (or pain, because you don’t hear much of her), check out the snippet of “Sorry”:
OK, I was harsh, but for what it’s worth, she sounds like the sexy bad girl Santana we love on Glee, so if that’s also true of her inner musician, I’m all for it! For the total of the five mere seconds you actually hear her, she sounds amazing.

And from a logical standpoint, this teaser did exactly what it sought to do — make me want more. I can’t wait to hear the actual song — can you, readers?

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