Switched at Birth recap: There are always consequences

Aug 6, 2013 at 5:33 a.m. ET

In this episode of Switched at Birth, called "What Goes Up Must Come Down," Daphne learns that there are always consequences, while Ty and Bay try to enjoy their final days together.

Switched at Birth - What Goes Up Must Come Down

Daphne faces the consequences of her actions

Jace (Matt Kane) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) had a fight about taking things too far in last week's episode and I was happy to see that she stuck to her guns in this one. It took a while for that to happen though. When this episode began, she hadn't talked to Jace in a couple of days, but she hadn't exactly broken up with him either. When Daphne found out that Coto wanted to meet with her about a scholarship, she immediately faked being sick and ended up going to a spa with her mother. That would've been great, except for the fact that Coto's wife showed up. To make matters worse, when she finally got back to the office, Jace was there trying to teach her how to keep on lying. Only then did Daphne finally dump him, but he went ahead and sent another threatening text to Coto anyway. It looks like Daphne is going to be dealing with the consequences of the stupid things she and Jace did for a while.

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Ty and Bay go on a not-so-fun camping trip

SheKnows Cheat Sheat
  • Daphne found out that Coto knew what she and Jace did. Coto threatened her and she wanted to stop it all, but Jace wanted to threaten right back.
  • Daphne broke up with Jace, but he sent his threatening text to Coto anyway.
  • Bay and Ty went on a camping trip that started out fun, turned into a fight and finally ended with Ty agreeing to Bay's suggestion that they talk to John to see if they could change his deployment.
  • Emmett's dad got his cochlear implant and was able to hear for the first time.
  • Nikki learned from her mother that her dad had been into drugs and it made her want to give up her faith. She then asked Toby if they could have their wedding at his house instead of at the church.

With Ty's (Blair Redford) time almost up, he decided to take Bay (Vanessa Marano) on a camping trip. That sounded like a great thing for a boyfriend to do and a nice way for them to spend their final days together — until it turned out that he had another motive. I thought when Bay got on the top of that tower that she would have this great epiphany about life and it would put her in such an awesome head space that she would be OK with Ty shipping out. Yes, I realize that was a wild fantasy, but it was what I was thinking. When she fell and I found out that Ty put her up there as a way to test her, I was just as angry as she was. I wasn't necessarily on board with Bay trying to get Ty to talk to her dad about his deployment. I thought that sounded weird, but when he agreed to it, I realized that it might be the best solution for both of them. I'm very curious to see if there's anything that John can do.

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Emmett's dad gets to hear for the first time

Though it mostly played out in the background, I really loved the story of Emmett's (Sean Berdy) dad getting his cochlear implant. I know that whole subject is rife with controversy in the deaf community and as I can have no true understanding of either side — being neither deaf or having anyone really close to me who is — I'm just going to talk about how it made me feel. I cried at the look in Cameron's eyes when he heard his girlfriend speak for the first time and the joy on his face when he heard his son play the drums. Those moments made me happy. That is all.

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Nikki's faith is shattered

Nikki (Cassi Thomson) and Toby's (Lucas Grabeel) story is getting more convoluted in my opinion. After she found out her dad really was a drug dealer, she just dropped her faith? I guess I can understand how something like that can shake someone to the core, but it still made me like her just a little less. I don't share her views, but I admire people who have strong values. The fact that she asked Toby if they could get married at his house instead of the church just baffled me.

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My favorite bits:

"What about your parents, are they going to be cool with it?"
"It's just a matter of asking the right parent."

"You get those blessings from Angelo's mom."
"Remind me to thank him. Actually that's weird. Don't."

The look on Daphne's face when she was told that Coto wanted to meet with her.

Kathryn offering to take Daphne for a spa day.

"As long as I don't have to pee in a hole, I'm good." — I loved Ty's laugh after she said that.

"There's a special Hell for boyfriends like you."

I know Daphne was upset with the question, but I really loved that Kathryn came right out and asked her if there was anything up with her and Coto. She's such an awesome mom.

"Talk about irony, whose ideas was it to name that woman Joy?'"

Totally loving Cameron's audiologist. I hope he's single 'cause that's the kind of guy I'd love for Melody to date.

"This is sound, Darling. This is it." — Not gonna lie. I totally cried during that scene.

Regina telling John that they were "karmically" even.

"I always figured you were a good drummer, now I know for sure."

Finding out that the doctor gave Cameron his phone number to give to Melody. Did I call that or what?

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What did you think of this episode? What do you think Daphne will do now? Do you think John can help Ty?

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