Under the Dome recap: "Imperfect Circles"

Aug 6, 2013 at 5:15 a.m. ET

Joe and Norrie have found it. Big news! It's another dome. But there's something special hiding inside if only they can figure out how to communicate with it.

Barbie helps a delivery in Under the Dome

Another one bites the dust. It seems like every episode a main character dies. Soon no one will be left on Under the Dome. Luckily, Joe and Norrie seem to have found the weird answer, but will it help them escape the dome?

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  • Norrie and Joe find the center of the dome. It's... another dome? And an egg?
  • Angie and Joe are reconnected. She doesn't tell him about Junior.
  • After Olly steals Big Jim's propane, Big Jim responds by lighting it on fire.
  • Junior kills the Dundee brothers.
  • Alice has a heart attack and dies.

It's a new morning on Under the Dome.

Norrie is on a mission to talk to the dome and convince it to go away.

Joe was with Barbie (Mike Vogel) when they mapped the dome so he knows where to go to find the center. What the kids find is a pile of leaves that shocks them with electrical current when they get too close. They brush the leaves away and find another dome underneath. Inside is what appears to be a black egg.

Joe thinks it might be a program. The kids try to communicate with it. When they touch it, an image of Alice appears. When they take their hands off, the image of Alice disappears. Norrie realizes something is wrong and runs to find her mother.

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The dome likes babies

Barbie and Julia slept together, which means she's only going to hate him more when she finds out he killed her husband.

Interrupting their moment of naked bliss, a woman named Harriet shows up at Julia's door. She's pregnant and seeking yogurt to curb the craving.

As Harriet leaves, she sees her husband Greg coming home from the military and thinks the vision is real. Instead, she touches the dome and starts going into labor.

Julia begins the drive to the clinic but is interrupted by the Dundee brothers who steal the fuel from the car.

Joe in Under the DomeAngie tries to put things back together

Big Jim kicks Junior out of the house and tells him if he goes near Angie again, he'll make Junior sorry.

Angie leaves Big Jim and goes to say goodbye to Rose whose body is still at the diner.

Ben finds Angie inside and recognizes her as Joe's sister. The two bury Rose's body and clean up the diner.

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Olly messes with the wrong guy

Meanwhile, Olly is giving the people water as long as Big Jim gives him propane. Olly questions Big Jim's control of the propane. Turns out, Olly stole Big Jim's propane and has a guy guarding it with a gun.

Olly flaunts his new-found propane and power. Olly plans to have the town in the palm of his hand and wants to use Big Jim as his pawn. Bad move, Olly. Bad move. Though Big Jim just seems to be handling it with liquor.

But surprise. Big Jim gets his revenge. He kills Olly's henchman by blowing up his propane-filled truck. All with booze in hand. Smart.

Like father like son

Linda takes Junior to deal with the Dundees because he knows them and leaves Barbie to patrol.

Linda tells Junior the Dundee brothers planned on raping Angie. He doesn't take the news well and wants to hurt the Dundee brothers, though Linda is set on arresting them and reading them their rights.

Junior and Linda apprehend the Dundee brothers. When they try to fight, Linda shoots one. Junior catches up with the other who surrenders. Junior shoots him anyways.

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Meet the new Alice

Barbie finds Julia and Harriet and tells them the clinic is closed. They decide to bring Harriet to Alice whose house is nearby.

Carolyn is worrying about Alice's insulin levels. The two share an intimate moment of dancing and kissing, enjoying one another's company before Julia and Barbie arrive with Harriet in labor. Alice jumps into nurse mode.

A cord is wrapped around the baby's neck. Alice shows Barbie how to cut the cord and then Harriet gives a final, big push. She does and the baby girl is born. Harriet decides to name the baby after Alice right before Alice has a heart attack.

Junior shows up at the restaurant where Angie and Ben just finished cleaning. Ben refuses to go home when Junior tries to get Angie alone. Junior apologizes to her, and she nods and asks him to leave. Not before he tells her the Dundee brothers will never bother her again.

Angie finds Joe and the two reconnect.

Norrie arrives home and is able to say goodbye before Alice dies.

Norrie is so upset she runs to the dome and touches it. She asks the dome what it wants and begs it to give her mom back. As she yells at the dome, the egg in the center begins glowing with purple streaks. Perhaps it's hatching?

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