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Justin Bieber and crew brawl with fans, causing injuries

Reports are flying that Justin Bieber and his crew were in a fight on Saturday night that left one victim injured enough to need medical attention.

It looks like Justin Bieber has just gotten himself into even more trouble. Recently, he’s been accused of spitting on fans from a balcony, as well as spitting on a DJ in Ohio. And, of course, there was that time he urinated in a bucket in a restaurant kitchen.

While those kinds of incidents are all annoying — and incredibly disgusting — at least no one got hurt during any of them. But there’s a new incident being reported that appears to be more serious than anything else the pop star has been accused of recently.

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TMZ reports that Bieber’s entourage is under investigation after a fight in a nightclub on Saturday night left someone injured badly enough to be taken to a hospital.

Bieber reportedly showed up to the South Pointe nightclub in Southampton, New York, on Sunday night around 2 a.m. The New York Daily News reports that things soon got heated within the club, thanks to Bieber’s “intimidating” and “overbearing” bodyguards.

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Fans who tried to get photos of the singer reportedly had flashlights shined in their faces by the Biebs’ security team. “They were heavy-handed in their protection of him,” said one person who was at the club that night.

According to another source, shortly after that, a woman tried to chat with Bieber, and then her male friend and the Biebs had a heated exchange.

“He ripped his shirt off and went nuts. He was screaming,” the source said.

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The club’s security moved in after that, taking Bieber out of the club and to the parking lot, where his SUVs were waiting. More sources reported that the earlier altercation was reignited once Bieber and his crew got to the parking lot and soon the Biebs’ friends and his security crew got involved with the fight. One witness reported seeing blood on someone.

TMZ reports that the alleged victim was knocked out on the cement and has filed a police report, though it’s apparently not Bieber who is the target of the investigation, but his crew.

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