Simon Cowell: Celebs who thumb their nose at bro-code

Physical chemistry can make you do weird things — like get busy with another guy’s girl. It’s a major no-no in the bro-code handbook, especially if the girl is your buddy’s friend. Here are a few celebrities who thumb their, er nose, at bro-code.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell didn’t just ignore the bro-code handbook, he doused it in gas and lit it on fire. It’s one thing to sleep with your friend’s estranged wife (yes, she was separated, but still married). It’s quite another to impregnate the estranged wife. If that divorce wasn’t already bitter, it is now. In April, Cowell told the Daily Mail he hadn’t ruled out having kids if he thought he could be faithful. Lovely. If knocking up his friend’s wife is indicative of Cowell’s level of respect for marriage, baby mama Lauren Silverman could be in trouble.

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Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler fans know this Hollywood hunk has gained a reputation as a bit of player. In March 2012, Radar Online reported that Butler was friends with a young actress-model and her new husband before he started a sexual relationship with the other dude’s wife. The young woman thought Butler wanted a serious relationship, and found out only after her new marriage was in trouble that Butler was involved with several other women. Uh-oh. Someone just got played. What would we expect from a guy who hit it and quit it with Brandi Glanville and later told Howard Stern that he didn’t know her last name or that she was famous? Ew. Clearly, Butler laughs in the face of bro-code.

Russell Crowe Meg Ryan

Russell Crowe

Maybe they don’t have copies of the bro-code in Australia or in Scotland. Remember when rumors of an affair between Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan swirled in the months leading up to the actress’ divorce from Dennis Quaid? People magazine reported that Crowe and Ryan were more than professional co-stars on the set of Proof of Life. A few months after the Ryan/Quaid divorce, things fizzled out between Crowe and Ryan. Are you starting to see a pattern yet? Breaking bro-code rarely goes well for either party.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck

The actor we now recognize as Jennifer Garner’s baby daddy and an Oscar winner has settled down since his days of flouting the bro-code. Back when Ben Affleck was involved with Jennifer Lopez and known as “Bennifer,” Affleck didn’t care much that Jenny Gets Around the Block was married to Chris Judd when they first hooked up. The couple became engaged, but much like their movie Gigli, the relationship bombed. Affleck moved onto another Jennifer, and JLo moved on to another boy-toy.

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Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

Rupert Sanders

Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders cozied up to his not-so-snow-white leading lady, Kristen Stewart, despite the minor inconvenience of Sanders being married and Stewart being in a relationship with Robert Pattinson. Stewart and Pattinson yo-yoed for a while after the news broke, but Pattinson eventually moved out and was rumored to be dating Elvis’ granddaughter Riley Keough. Initially Sander’s wife, Liberty Ross, gave the cheating director a second chance. He must have blown it because she has since filed for divorce.

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