Is love in the air again for Robert Pattinson?

Aug 2, 2013 at 9:50 a.m. ET

According to sources, Robert Pattinson may have found a new girl that he is smitten with. After his messy split with KStew, we think he deserves some happiness.

Sarah Gordon, Robert Pattinson

It appears that love could be in the air again for Robert Pattinson! The rumor mills are circling and suggesting a possible romantic link with Pattinson's Maps to the Stars co-star Sarah Gadon.

Pattinson has been single since he split from his 4-year-long romance with Kristen Stewart earlier this year, and we are sure that after the messy way their relationship ended, he would have needed a break.

The Twilight Saga hunk has been close to Gadon since meeting her on the set of Cosmopolis in 2011.

It has been reported that the pair have been spending even more time together after reuniting to work on their latest film, Maps to the Stars.

A source told the U.S. edition of OK! magazine: ''There's a real spark between them. And they've already been spending time together when filming ends for the day.

''They have become very close. When there's a break in filming, they'll often sit on their own and chat. Sarah's really into the arts and literature, which Rob loves. And they even talk about English soccer together because she watches games on TV. They have a lot in common.''

The actor is believed to be completely infatuated with Gadon, because unlike most women, she does not fawn all over him.

The source added: ''It's sexual tension and she seems to be wooing him by treating him mean... Rob's having a lot of fun with Sarah. She's like a breath of fresh air after Kristen and they look like a really cute couple together.''

We will soon find out if this new romance is all speculation (like the links of love to Katy Perry and Riley Keough) or if Pattinson can find love again. We hope it is the latter!

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