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The Spectacular Now cast talks high school and sex scenes

SheKnows recently sat down with the stars of The Spectacular Now, Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller. The actors opened up about keeping it real on set (no makeup!), high school histories, and their sex scene.

This weekend, Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller are taking you back to school. The duo star in the sweet coming of age film The Spectacular Now. It centers on two characters who are the complete opposite of each another.

Aimee is a quiet, girl next door type, while Sutter is a boisterous social butterfly. They’re on opposite sides of the spectrum, but their portrayers have much more in common. Woodley and Teller tell SheKnows about their awkward teenage years and how they weren’t as bad as some might think.

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“I did know a lot of people,” Teller says. “I did have a lot of friends, but at the same time I always did well in school. And I always knew I was gonna go to college. I knew I wanted to be successful in life.”

He jokes, “I just found out that Shailene had like three boyfriends.”

Woodley interjects, “How many girlfriends did you have in high school?”

Teller briefly ponders before answering, “Like two… three.”

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In those days, Woodley considered herself a friendly nerd. “I had a lot of fun in high school. I thought I was very social… I’m sure the really cool kids thought I was a total geek but I never saw myself as a geek. I loved high school. I was the nerdy calculus kid.”

Shifting back to the film, the actors reveal what their favorite scene is. Surprisingly, Woodley’s very proud of the sex scene between their two characters.

“I think it’s beautiful,” she says. “There were only actually three people in the room. Our director James [Ponsoldt] was very keen on making us comfortable.”

The Spectacular Now opens in theaters Aug. 2.

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