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The Wanted’s Tom Parker is wanted by police

Could the success of boy band The Wanted be dwindling after its member, Tom Parker, has found himself in trouble with the law?

The Wanted has been trying to gain success in the U.S., but those chances may be dwindling after one of its singers, Tom Parker, has found himself in trouble with the law.

The British star may walk away with a $500 fine and would be stopped from re-entering the country by authorities the next time the band heads across the Atlantic.

The reason? Well, that is because earlier in the year, Parker decided to defecate in a plastic bag and throw it onto the highway.

While Parker may be fined and banned from the country, his reputation will surely be tarnished for his behavior.

One of Colorado State’s bylaws reads: ”Littering is a class 2 petty offense punishable, upon conviction, by a mandatory fine of not less than $500 upon a first conviction.”

Parker’s band mate Jay McGuiness recently joked to the Daily Mirror, ”I am going to try to avoid Colorado right now, but if we do go, Tom needs to get $500 ready. That was the most expensive passing of a number two [Tom] will ever have.”

Siva Kaneswaran chimed in: ”It wasn’t my s*** out the window … Tom, it was his log.”

It has been reported that Parker was desperate for the toilet and could not wait to relieve himself and decided to defecate in a plastic bag — against his band mates and driver’s advice.

This is not the first time members of The Wanted have found themselves in trouble, as they also caused problems in their native U.K. It has been claimed that the band recently threw Champagne over a poet and verbally abused him from a London hotel room balcony.

What do you think of Tom Parker’s joke? Is it disgusting or is everyone overreacting?

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