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One Night Only! Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013

Can’t afford those front row tickets you’ve dreamed of? Why pay the money and endure those lines when you can enjoy Clapton comfortably on the big screen?

Eric Clapton

This concert film experience is not to be missed for Eric Clapton fans. Not only will viewers see Clapton in all his guitarist glory, but he will share the stage and appear with heavyweights like Keith Urban, Vince Gill and John Mayer.

No readers, you won’t be just serenaded by back-to-back (nonetheless amazing) performances, you will also get glimpses into backstage candid moments.

Like any normal person, you would wonder where this backstage access came from, right? Well these scintillating moments were pre-recorded at Madison Square Garden this past April.

You’ll be so close to these music mavens, you’ll be able to see their beads of sweat and practically see their vocal chords vibrate. OK, perhaps you don’t care for all of that, but I’m presuming the details will be unrivaled to what you would pay hundreds of dollars to enjoy at a concert.

This specific concert, from which they got footage, actually sold out within minutes. Though we would like to think these guys all hang around and band together to make good music because they feel like it, there’s actually an admirable cause to which proceeds will go towards.

This cinematic event will benefit Clapton’s own Crossroads Centre, which is a “treatment and education facility for chemically dependent people,” and is based in Antigua.

So while I run off to go warn Katy Perry that I may come chasing after her man Mayer after watching him on the big screen, you check out the trailer below!

This big screen feature takes place every three years. This is the fourth of it’s kind. It will have sultry blues, classic rock and our favorite, country tracks. The collaborative spirit will be one that you don’t want to miss. The showing will be available for one night only in 500 local theaters on Aug. 13. So find out where the closest one to you is right now!

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