8 TV families we'd like to join

Jul 31, 2013 at 2:01 p.m. ET

There are plenty of dysfunctional families on television, but what about the more normal ones?

Parenthood's Bravermans

Not all TV families are full of ex-convicts, incestuous lovers or drug deals. There are families on TV that actually get along, thrive at life and, honestly, make you wish you could join the gang. We love those families, too!

The Bravermans — Parenthood

No, the Bravermans are by no means perfect. Sarah can't pick a man, Crosby is a mess and Adam's record label may or may not be sinking. But, they face their failures, their illnesses and their struggles together. Time and time again we've watched as one brother or sister tries to figure things out on their own, only to realize they do better when they look to their siblings and their parents. We'd gladly slip into their family photo.

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The Duncans — Good Luck Charlie

There's so much crap on TV these days that is directed toward kids. Good Luck Charlie is one of those shows that even us grown-ups enjoy watching with the kids. Gabe is such a punk and PJ is kind of a dummy, but Teddy and Charlie are awesome. And Mr. and Mrs. Duncan always make us laugh at their tactics for handling each of their very different children. It's funny and silly but wholesome and not too grown-up.

The Fosters — The Fosters

The kids in the Foster family each have their own issues. Two of them are trying to decide if they want to keep in contact with their drug-addled biological mother. Another is in love with the girl his mothers are thinking of adopting next. And, yes, we said mothers. The Fosters' mothers are loving and involved parents who continue to acquire more children with whom they can share their hearts. It's too sweet not to love.

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The Taylors — Friday Night Lights

If we thought too hard about all the various ways we love Coach T, it'd be pretty creepy. But, for the sake of this piece, let's just say we'd love for him to adopt us. First, they're young parents, so while they tried to encourage Jules to make a bigger, better life for herself, they also understand mistakes. Second, that time Coach let Tim Riggins move in. And, third: To be able to say, "That's my dad!" every time Coach said something inspiring and put someone in their place or took home a state champs ring. Plus, The Taylors were forever having football players just show up at their door. We'd do some PJ shopping and then beat our new dad to the door every time.

Oldies but goodies

Full House is an awesome family

Full House
The Tanners had their act together. The situation may not have been perfect — of course DJ, Steph and Michelle would have loved to have had their mother back. But we think Joey, Uncle Jesse and Mr. Tanner did a pretty great job raising the girls.

7th Heaven
The Reverend and Mrs. Camden took a lot of grief from their kids. Remember when Mary went through her rebellious phase? Or when Matt ran off to New York? And Simon! Oh, Simon. They were almost always there for each other, though. Sure, Barry Watson is hot, but we'd settle for just having him as a brother.

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Boy Meets World
Cory Matthews was the nicest kid on the face of the planet. And his parents? They were pretty awesome. Even on the rare occasions when Cory and Mr. and Mrs. Matthews didn't see eye-to-eye, they were always loving and gentle with him. We're so excited for the upcoming spin-off! We can't wait to see if Cory and Topanga will be just as awesome parents.

Little House on the Prairie
If you say you don't want to be an Ingalls, we'll call "Shenanigans!" Ma and Pa were always so tender with their children. We want to have our hair braided and to have Pa play the fiddle. We want to kick ol' Nelly in the shins, play in the creek and ride a horse on a regular basis. Plus, despite their drastic differences, Mary, Laura and Carrie almost always got along. We want three amazing sisters.

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