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Twisted recap: Life’s a docu-trauma

Warning: Spoilers are ahead for a shocker of an episode. You’ll never believe how this week’s Twisted ended. But was it the truth?

Twisted docu-trauma

Poor Danny. The kid just can’t catch a break.

SheKnows Cheat Sheat

  • Lacey and Danny are hot, again. Then cool, again. Then hot.
  • Someone films Danny and Lacey making out.
  • Jo finds out Danny sees her as a sister then dates Tyler with disastrous results.
  • Tyler is not a good guy — he orchestrated numerous pranks for Danny.
  • Karen confesses to Reggie’s murder.

We started this week with a little bit of bedroom action. Only of the make-out variety, though. Lacey and Danny were really enjoying themselves. Later, he agrees to a secret date at McNally Park. It’s ruined, though, when a bunch of people dressed as Danny show up.

Danny breaks a bottle to get them to scatter, but the mood is ruined. And so is Lacey’s confidence. Terrified that she might get caught and perhaps that her reputation will take a tumble, she tells Danny that they need to cool it off.

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The masked fake Dannys aren’t the only prank Danny had to deal with this week. He and Karen also found their yard littered with red jump ropes. You know, the kind he used to supposedly kill Aunt Tara.

You know, Rico has continually shown he likes Jo. It seems so obvious. It makes us really glad to be out of high school and no longer so oblivious to the intricacies of the male psyche. Jo just can’t spot it. She’s even convinced she needs to tell Danny how she feels.

Luckily, about that time, Tyler shows up to talk to Danny about doing a documentary on his return to real life after his years in juvie and also talks to him about his relationship with Jo. When Danny says she’s like a sister, Jo finally learns she needs to move on. Rico definitely didn’t think she’d move on with Tyler, though.

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One thing leads to another and Danny ends up having a party. All is actually going not horribly until surprise, surprise, the Danny impostors show up, again, and ruin things for Danny. It’s revealed that Tyler set the whole thing up to help paint Danny as the victim. But it still seems a little weird, right?

While Jo is taking home a very drunk Rico, Danny and Lacey are back on each other, again. This time, though, their closeness is caught on tape from outside of the house. But who’s the one holding the camera? How very PLL of you, Twisted.

As if all the high school drama weren’t stressful enough, Karen and Mr. Masterson are dealing with the, you know, actual murder. Kyle finally found the necklace in the creek after Rico reported watching her do it. Karen tried to lie it off, though, and say she didn’t do it and didn’t know how it got in the lake, much less to Regina in the first place. We think she knew the answer to both, though… just by her facial expression when Danny suggested his father may have been up to no good with Reggie.

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By the end of the episode, though, Karen is back in Kyle’s office — confessing to the murder of Regina. Did she really do it, though?

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