VIDEO: Miley Cyrus releases “We Can’t Stop” director’s cut

Miley Cyrus can’t stop, won’t stop making us watch her crazy party video — and now she has a director’s cut!

Miley Cyrus

Think you’ve seen the craziest Miley Cyrus has to offer? Think again. The former Disney star just released a director’s cut of her controversial video for her song “We Can’t Stop”, featuring even more raunchy footage.

The release came as a celebration of sorts, to mark the record set by the original version for hitting 100 million viewers on Vevo faster than any other. The new version hit 40,000 views just hours after it was posted.

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At four minutes long, the director’s cut features extended footage of Cyrus partying with producer Mike WiLL Made-It and getting her twerk on with LA nightclub performer Amazon Ashley, extended sections of the sunrise scene and a whole new scene where Cyrus sings karaoke with her party pals, complete with a giant phallic microphone and dirty dancing.

The big screen TV behind the crowd in the living room is showing a creepy, eyeless Anonymous mask lip syncing along with the tune.

Watch the director’s cut of “We Can’t Stop”

This is the least of the pop star’s spicy moves lately. Last week, Marc Jacobs released a T-shirt featuring a naked Cyrus as part of the Protect the Skin You’re In campaign to raise cash for the New York University Skin Cancer Institute.

She recently told a London radio show that she loves frequenting strip clubs and showering the dancers with dollar bills. Perhaps that’s where she picked up her raunchy dance skills for this video?

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