Mistresses recap: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"

Jul 30, 2013 at 5:10 a.m. ET

It's an episode of secrets as Savi hides her pregnancy from her mother, who unexpectedly arrives in town. April hides Paul from Richard. And Elizabeth hides a devious plan from Karen.

Savi and Joss' mom arrived on Mistresses

The results are in on Mistresses and... the paternity is still a mystery. *Sigh* Savi (Alyssa Milano) decides that until the baby is born, s/he belongs to her and no one else. She doesn't want to be in a relationship with Dominic, and she doesn't want Harry to come back just because it's his baby. So the results will remain a secret even though inquiring minds want to know. We're so curious!

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  • Savi decides not to look at the paternity results, at least for now.
  • Joss and Savi's mom shows up causing some major drama.
  • Elizabeth pretends to be shocked that she lost her settlement from Tom's death and sets Karen up.
  • Karen is served in the case of Tom's wrongful death.
  • April decides to tell Richard about Paul's return.


Through all of the baby drama, Savi's mom, Janet, arrives in town unexpectedly and stirs up some serious drama. She announces to the girls that the reason she showed up in town was because she plans to move to Rio and wanted to see them before she left. Joss is ecstatic and plans a going away party. Savi isn't so pleased.

Janet deduces that Savi slept with someone else, and she offends Savi. Savi has a lot of anger toward her mother for being absent a lot of the time while the girls were growing up. Through their conversations, we learn that Savi pretty much raised Joss on her own.

Later that night, Janet says she's in awe of the woman Savi has become. She apologizes for interfering with Harry and says she hopes they work it out. She also tells Savi that she will make a great mother. (Still not knowing Savi is pregnant.)

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Joss decides she wants to join her mother in Brazil for a couple of weeks. She suggests that she fly out with Janet, help her find a place and get settled in. Janet says OK, but seems put off by the idea.

The next morning, Joss' mom leaves for Rio without her. Joss realizes that Savi has been more like her mother than Janet was ever capable of. The girls officially make up after all the tension between them these last few weeks.

Savi gives Joss the still-sealed paternity results and asks Joss to keep it for her. Savi says there's no one she trusts more than Joss.

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Harry in MistressesKaren

Karen tells the girls that Elizabeth knew about her affair with Tom. Karen suggests that she knew before Tom's death and may have played a hand in his demise.

To help sort things out, Karen calls George, a private investigator to look into Elizabeth.

During her conversation with George, Paul shows up at Karen's house and asks Karen to convince April to see him. He says he doesn't want to go pounding on April's door again, but he will if he doesn't have any other options.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth pretends she has no idea why she lost her settlement from Tom's death. Dominic explains that the new evidence from Karen's notes suggests Tom was suicidal. Elizabeth says Karen is lying about the notes because Karen claims she had a session with Tom when he and Elizabeth were in Hawaii together. (Remember, Elizabeth is the one who blackmailed Karen into writing the notes in the first place.) Dominic promises to get to the bottom of everything.

George can't find any information that would do Karen any good. To make things worse, Karen is served in the case of Tom's wrongful death.

Looks like Elizabeth is out for revenge!

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April doesn't tell Richard about Paul's return.

When Karen tells April that Paul came to her house, April is understandably upset.

She tells Richard she is sick so Richard gives her the night to herself. He even offers to watch the girls. (What a guy!) While April is pretending to be sick, she invited Paul over to her house to confront him. Paul says the reason he hasn't left yet is because he wants to see Lucy.

The next morning, April decides to tell Richard about Paul. Finally!

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