VIDEOS: Jennifer Aniston breaks the good-girl mold

For years we thought of Jennifer Aniston as the mostly-good-girl Rachel from Friends. Sure, “Rachel” wore plastic nipples in her bra to make her look braless, but there was no nudity or stripping. Let’s review Aniston’s more provocative movie moments.

Jennifer Aniston

We’re the Millers

We predict great things for Jennifer Aniston’s new movie We’re the Millers, primarily because men will show up in droves to see Rachel as a stripper. Aniston is taking a complete departure from whatever remains of her good-girl image by playing a stripper who teams up with a drug smuggler (Jason Sudeikis) in her latest flick. In this Griswolds-gone-bad feature, Aniston does what she has quietly become brilliant at: playing a good girl while being a bad girl. How convincing will she be as a soccer mom by day, stripper by night? We’ll have to wait for the Aug. 9 premiere to find out.

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Horrible Bosses

Aniston, as Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S., fulfilled every guy’s fantasy as a hot dentist in a lab coat with a dirty mind. No one could figure out why her dental assistant, Dale Arbus (Charlie Day), got all bent out of shape when Aniston’s character took advantage of him while he was unconscious. Guys everywhere wished they had that kind of problem. Aniston did an excellent job of shedding her Rachel skin in this provocative, banana-eating role.

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The Break-Up

Everyone was so preoccupied with Aniston doing a movie titled The Break-Up so soon after her divorce from Brad Pitt that they lost sight of the importance of Aniston’s vindictive acts and nudity in this movie. How very therapeutic that must have been! At a minimum, Vince Vaughn became the envy of millions when Aniston paraded by him wearing nothing more than bitterness and her birthday suit.

The Bounty Hunter

In another “Can’t my ex just drop off the face of the planet?” script, Aniston plays the ex-wife of hunky bounty hunter Gerard Butler (who has to bring Aniston into custody). That leads to lots of sexual tension that has Aniston handcuffed to a bed and Butler strutting around in a towel. That makes it DVD purchase-worthy in our book.

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